Medusa Piercing

Body adornments, like piercing, have many uses: for fashion purposes, to highlight the best assets of your body, to express a rebellious spirit, or simply to shout to the world that you are part of the human race. Many types of piercings are stylish nowadays, but Medusa Piercing is a great favorite as it is extremely sexy highlighting your lips and making your mouth so luscious while giving you an instant boost of confidence. These are the reasons why it is so popular today!

Welcome Medusa Piercing to your world!

Medusa Piercing is one of the most popular and coolest forms of piercing that is centrally placed below the nose’ septum and above the upper lip. It is always done on the philtrum or better known as the soft tissue area between the upper lip and the base of the nose. Do not confuse this piercing with the Monroe piercing that is situated over the left side of the upper lip, not centrally. Medusa is the name given to this type of piercing is because the moniker sounds more attractive than names like inverse labret or a philtrum piercing.

A bit of the past about piercing …

Body piercing occupied a long and interesting part of history as the first piercings dated back to almost 5,000 years ago. Piercings, in ancient times, are different in both meaning and location. Africans pierced their lips or tongues, while the Israelites considered their nose and ears as popular places. For the Romans, pierced nipples were all the rage. As symbols, people utilized piercings to keep demons out of their brains, as a sign of wealth, or as a mark of prostitution.

In the 1500s, hairstyles exposed the ears that made ear piercing a popular thing. In the 70s and 80s, nose piercings, like the septum, became popular after its rise in the punk scenes and considered a sign of rebellion. And in the mid-90s and early 2000s, piercings hit its highest popularity. Today, tattoos and piercings are gaining more adherents, not only among teeners but adults as well. Piercings and tattoos during this time are no longer considered signs of rebellion but as manifestations of one’s personality.


  • Double Medusa Piercing

This type of piercing is done in the philtrum area twice so that it is a combination of different stud styles that are used with each other.

  • Vertical Medusa Piercing/Jestrum Piercing

Jestrum piercing makes vertical perforation over the philtrum area vertically, as double studs are sitting on top of each other, the barbel is portruding out of the skin twice. This type differs from double medusa because this is only a single piercing and not two separate ones.

Why get a Medusa Piercing?

Medusa Piercing beautifies and highlights your facial features in the best way. Since it is symmetrical, it keeps your face in balance, unlike other piercings that are done only to one side of the mouth. It gives an awesome cute look and appears very stylish because of the manner in highlighting the lips, and to create a more daring countenance, it can be combined with other piercings.

Medusa is a universal piercing type as it looks cool and catchy on both girls and guys that is one of the causes for its overwhelming popularity.  Aside from the reason given, this type of piercing highlights the lovely contour of your lips especially Jestrum piercing with its curved barbell that would definitely attract lots of attention.

Preparation before getting Medusa Piercing

In order for the piercing to turn out as successfully as possible, and to help ensure no threats such as possible infections, it’s essential for you to make an investigation to find a reliable shop for your piercing. Be sure that the area around your future piercing is kept as clean as possible.  Your preparation entails the following:

1. Brushing your teeth - Your teeth and gums are home to millions of bacteria which are all potential problems such as infection.

2. Flossing it - Brushing your teeth is inadequate will not remove all bacteria, therefore floss it to help keep those nasty bacteria away.

3. Using a mouthwash - Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial solution to wash away all food particles and bacteria that were dislodged by brushing and flossing.

Medusa Piercing Procedure

Choose a good and experienced piercing master, as you don’t want anything to go wrong. Do your own research on finding the finest piercing salon that is clean and hygienic. Be sure to start both cleaning routine to ensure that you always wash your hands well before you touch your new piercing wound.

The professional piercer makes you comfortable before starting the piercing procedure after giving you some quick briefs about the entire procedure.

Your piercer sanitizes all of the instruments and the piercing location while marking the piercing place with a surgical pen. For Medusa Piercing, you follow this step as you do not want to damage the facial symmetry.

Initially, the philtrum part must be cleaned using an antiseptic solution that will kill all the bacteria lodging in the facial portion. Right after that, the professional piercer will give you an oral antimicrobial solution to clean the insides of your mouth. Gargling the solution is more than enough, of course.

The light, a hollow piercing needle will then be inserted right there at the center of your philtrum, passing through the skin and muscles. The piercer uses a piercing clamp to stretch successfully your upper lip part.

 A unique cleaning technique is used to open the piercing wound on both the outside and the inside of the mouth.

 For several days or even up to a week, the wound will be sensitive to touch so it’s important to clean the area in the best way. There are aftercare products you can use.

 The last step is to insert your chosen jewelry through the holes created, and this ends the quick procedure. 

Medusa Piercing Aftercare Guide

Clean your new philtrum piercing regularly as it is important to promote fast and healthy healing and to prevent nasty infections that leave ugly & permanently scar and a piercing that is disfigured is not given a quick treatment. Observe strictly Medusa aftercare guide do your wound will heal faster.

 The most important part of the healing time is the assurance that at least in week number one, you take extra care during this period. You have to take good care while eating and drinking that least during the first week the surrounding area around the pierced hole is not touched and irritated as your lips/the insides of your mouth move around.

 Aside from taking extreme care when eating and drinking, highly recommended is the complete withdrawal from smoking at least during the initial week as it is the common nature of all repugnant chemicals to leak their way into the wound and cause further harm and damage while setting back the time for healing.

 Smoking, as well as, alcohol is to be avoided during the early stages of Medusa Piercing aftercare as alcohol can damage the healing tissue inside of the wound,

 Another activity that should not be undertaken for at least a couple of weeks while the area continues to heal is swimming. Exposure of the pierced area in the chlorinated swimming pool can dry out the wound and even swim in an unchlorinated or

untreated body of water that can make your wound susceptible to a host of nasty bacteria that cause infection.

 The final recommendation is to postpone kissing for at least a week after piercing time to guarantee that no bacteria is transferred from the lips/mouth to your unhealed wound.

Medusa Stud

 For your Medusa Piercing, you can use a labret stud as the most commonly used type of jewelry. There are three separate sections of the stud:

 The Bead is the part of the stud which is visible on the outside of the skin and which comes available in many hundreds of different styles and colors. Most choices of your Medusa Piercing are based on the appearance of the beads.

The Barbell is the studs' middle section that is long and connected to the front bead of the disk at the back.

The Disk as the final section of the barbell is attached to help keep the barbell and the rest of the stud in place and at the same time to prevent the bead and barbell from sliding out.

 The standard labret stud is the most common type of jewelry by far although there are dozens of other types available, such as balls, chains, rings, spikes and many more!

FAQs about Medusa Piercing

1. How long does it take for Medusa Piercing to heal?


It will take between 6 to 12 weeks for the piercing to heal completely, but with proper aftercare and cleaning, healing should take place after about 6 weeks.


2. Is it painful?


There will be some sharp pain during the piercing process, which is expected, but will soon subside once the jewelry is inserted.


3. How long does bleeding last?


You are likely to experience some benign bleeding for the first 3 days but it shouldn’t go for more than 1 week. If it does, consult a doctor.


4. What medication is used to stop the swelling?


You can first try putting a block of ice on the pierced area to ease the pain and swelling and wash it gently with a sea salt solution. All this should subside after 1 – 2 weeks.


5. How do you do your makeup with the Medusa Piercing on?


You must exercise extra caution not to apply to make up on the pierced zone. Makeup can lead to irritation of the pierced area and consequently cause the area to become infected.


6. What material should the Medusa jewelry be made from?


Use high-quality jewelry made from stainless steel as it doesn’t react with the wound unlike other metals like copper.


7. How much does the Medusa Piercing cost?


The price of Medusa piercing is variable based on the piercer’s expertise but the cost mostly ranges from $40 to $90. Disregard the price, the piercer you hire must always be a certified and professional piercer with a clean hygienic studio to perform the piercing procedure.


Are they any risks with Medusa Piercing? 

As with any other piercing, a lip piercing is susceptible to infections. However, if proper aftercare and cleaning instructions are strictly observed, followed, the possibility of any infection is minimal. Clean piercing regularly using sea salt solutions and warm water. An infection causes throbbing pain, secretion of pus, as well as, bleeding from the pierced area. The infection will result in a longer healing time and more visits to the doctor.


Common symptoms of an infection include:

 So much redness that does clear or starts getting worse.

Severe swelling that does not disperse or affects the way of talking, eating, and drinking

Excessive pain; for after medusa piercing, only mild pain experienced.

Unrestricted rashes or reactions appear around the site of the wound that usually includes – crusty scabs, too bleeding,  and pus/oozing.

Extreme itchiness around the area of the piercing


Medusa Piercing Jewelry

There is a wide array of medusa jewelry available for every style imaginable, it comes in all colors, materials, shapes, and sizes found at most jewelry shops worldwide. The standard labret stud is the most common type of jewelry by far but there are dozens of available types such as balls, chains, rings, spikes and more. 

 When searching for your piercing jewelry, you will be unsure which size to choose.  A rough guide shows that most medusa piercings are done either as 16 gauge or an 18 gauge, therefore, you can use these sizes as your starting point when picking out your new jewelry.

 If you still have a problem with the right size, it’s always best to consult a professional piecer he is knowledgeable about what sizes and jewelry types will best suit your own specific type of piercing.


What about current Medusa Piercing jewelry trends?

 Present philtrum piercing jewelry trends cater to everybody’s wish for jewelry. There are multicolored gem beads, reliable colored titanium jewelry, and a wide array of decorative labret tops. Medusa piercings go to the next level when combined with septum piercings, shiny flower or star jewels, and a multitude of other choices. Piercings are always visible, so in trending, let your imagination run wild!

How Does Medusa Jewelry Enhance Your Look? 

Medusa jewelry piercing has become popular these daysParticularly among the young female group because of its different styles and designs. Also called philtrum piercing, a kind of piercing made on the philtrum area in addition to the top of the upper lip, below the septum of the nose.

A barbell utilizes on areas as much as medusa jewelry piercing. However, a variation can be done known as jestrum, in which a curved barbell is used so that both the balls are found visible at the philtrum area. As the medusa piercing involves penetrating part of a face, it would be quite painful as the tissues and layers of skin are perforated. The pain is based on the tolerance of a person. A prominent type of upper lip piercing, it deals with perforation of the philtrum, involving a vertical groove made in the central part of the upper lip under the nasal septum. It is also called as philtrum piercing.

Stylish medusa jewelry piercing

What is Medusa Jewelry Piercing and How It Improves Your Look?

A single point piercing, it offers you reduced choices to try out jewelry of varying types. Since labret studs are unique for the piercing, check for some ideal designs that can make your upper lip look appealing. Though rings are difficult to suit into the philtrum, you can discuss it with the professional piercer. You can acrylic retainers to hide the piercing at workplaces and schools.  For those individuals who wish to feature a face medusa jewelry piercing, they can consider choosing colorful magnetic studs.

Double medusa piercing deals with double perforations of philtrum that can be beautified with the combination of large and small studs. In case of vertical medusa piercing, a curved barbell can be used to pierce vertical groove over the upper lip, while leaving both the ends of jewelry exposable. As for the Medusa jewelry piercing to start with, you can make use of fourteen or sixteen gauge labret stud. As a result, the piercing is done by means of the extra-long stud so that swelling can be accommodated. You will usually experience swelling once the healing process is taking place. It takes about 6 months for the healing process to be complete however you will start feeling comfortable anywhere after six to eight weeks.

cute medusa jewelry piercing

  • Glistening Princess Dome Ball Bioplast Labret Barbell Stud

When you wish to keep it simple, you will come to know that it won’t get simpler than this desired piece of jewelry. You might be a girl wearing her heart on her sleeve or just want the best piece of Medusa jewelry piercing that would complement that perfect outfit. When you want something fabulously sweet and trendy, this is the finest piece of jewelry suitable for you.

medusa jewelry piercing with diamonds

  • Acrylic Piercing

Acrylic piercing studs and rings intend to reveal a very special highlight. This is a stunning nickel-free UV acrylic Medusa jewelry piercing, one of the popular choices for several piercing enthusiasts. Hence, it is a must-have for all piercing enthusiasts to prefer having it at least once and grasp people’s attention instantly.

Tiny medusa jewelry piercing

  • 925 Sterling Silver and Bioplast Labret Lip Ring with Prong Set Cubic Zirconia

If you are seeking for a more sophisticated and discrete look for edgy body piercing, this is just the right piece of Medusa piercing jewelry you want. You will find a polished sterling silver prong setting that holds 3mm cubic zirconia that glistens in this solitaire stud earring. This barbell is crafted from a bioplast, a hypoallergenic, soft acrylic that is comfortable and flexible. This piece is just comfortable, beautiful and also a perfect product for regular wear.

medusa jewelry designs piercing

  • 114k Yellow Gold Labret with Bezel-Set Cubic Zirconia

An enchanting shimmering bezel-set cubic zirconia forms the highlight of this attractive medusa piercing jewelry. Crafted out of high quality 14k yellow gold, this Medusa piercing jewelry forms an alluring addition in your jewelry collection. As it has a flat back, you can also wear it for a tragus piercing.

gold medusa jewelry piercing

  • Tiny Star Labret or Medusa Stud

This appealing labret is featured with a discrete three mm sterling silver star. The stem is of flexible bioplast hypoallergenic stem, which can be trim as per your length. This piercing Medusa piercing jewelry is perfect for medusa piercing and much other piercing like Monroe, lip piercing and labret.

medusa jewelry styles

  • Heart Anodized Piercing

The heart anodized piercing features a single stone grabbed by the solid surgical steel material. It is definitely worth buying this exotic piercing jewelry when you wish to stand apart from others. Medusa piercing jewelry remains an ideal and interesting type from piercing jewelry because of the iconic charisma in it.

medusa jewelry prices

  • Clover Piercing

People will look at you out of excitement on wearing clover Medusa piercing jewelry on your medusa piercing. You will also never take off your site from this amazing piercing jewelry once you share a glimpse at it. Great as a medusa piercing jewelry, you are surely fortunate to have it. It also improves your facial look with the impressive stones that entrenches in the surgical grade stainless steel material.

medusa jewelry sale

  • Aria Sparkle Teardrop Medusa Monroe Philtrum

A teardrop of medusa philtrum intends to wear only after the piercing heals completely. You'll need this piece to decorate your ideal medusa piercing that will sport in surgical grade stainless steel. In addition, make sure to remove them off every time when you take a shower and also clean the holes.

medusa jewelry discounts

  • Bioplast Internally Threaded Labret Stem

Bioplast labret stem threads medusa piercing jewelry with a hollow end. It threads to compatible accessories as well as balls of 1.2 mm gauge. This is one of the most admired pieces of Medusa piercing jewelry, particularly for medusa piercing. Medusa piercing product must be your primary choice. It is a charming and stylish piece of jewelry you should never miss trying out.