Body Piercing Jewelry FREE Drop Shipping !! come up with the great feature for the customers want to sell more with out buying and keeping a big stock. This dropshipping is sutiableof the customers who wish to sell in their own website or Yahoo Auction or Ebay and any other auction places without the hassles of keeping the stock for the listed items.

What is drop Shipping ?

Drop shipping is a method to sell your products on your website, Online Auctions like eBay, Yahoo Auctions, printed catalogs, media advertisements etc....We work as your back end and keep the stock for all the items and once your item is sold out you place the order and let us know the dropshipper customer address. we will ship to your customers with your name. So we stand behind the screen always and the end customers always feel that the items has been shipped out from your company. If you provide us your name stickers we will ship your items with your branded name.You only buy the items what you have sold out and you canavoid high cost of warehousing the inventory and many over head expenses. Once you have sold out your item just forward the order and we ship with your name. You will easily make up your profit from the price you hcarge your customer with the direct cost you pay for the goods.

Advantages of Drop Shipping..
•No Inventory
•No Expensive photography equipment and highly paid professional photograper and picture designer
•No Ware house and office expenses ( Utilities, Taxes, security and etc..)
•No need to store dead or big stocks.
•No packaging expenses (boxes, packing tape, labels, computer shipping systems, computer & printer supplies, wages for shipping employees, etc.....) or time and travel trips to the Post Office, United Parcel Service or other daily pick-up charges from any Carrier's shipping centers
•No need to pay to have a product shipped to yourself only to turn around and ship it to your customer.
•No need to pay two times of shipping charges to get from us and ship to your customer.
•Just connect the deal and get more profit.

Security of Drop Shipping

We stock a great range of products and we know if our drop ship customers get more sales inturn we get more orders from them. always give more value to our customers and their orders. We never use your drop ship buyer contacts for any reason and everything will be saved under the customer details with highly secured passwords.

How to Register for of Drop Shipping with

Many of the companies will ask to submit the application ot ask you to pay a minimum deposit. We want to make everything as simple as we can.We never ask you to signup specially for dropshipping and we dont need any minimum deposit for the drop shipping.. We believe our customer always you just place the order with us at and get your items get drop shipped.

Answers for Frequently Asked Questions..
•We are the Direct manufactuer of all our products and we have tremendous amount of stock. We are not the eTrader who buy few pieces and list in the website and adding themselves in the manfaucturer list.
•There is no minimum quantity for the drop ship and we drop ship even one piece also.
•All our shipping is for normal airway $.4.98 and for Express Mail Service $29.00 and for UPS/FEDEX is $25.00
•Drop shipping accont setup is free.
•We dont need any TaxID for any country customers.
•No minimum quantity / order value for dropshipping.
•We provide order tracking information
•All our images are permitted to use only for our valubale customers. You can right click and copy and use in any time.
•We ship worldwide in prompt time.

Drop shipping discounts..

"Discounts" is the mostly wanted one in the business and everbody love to get some discounts. also gives discount even though all its listed prices are already discounted. We wane to encourage our drop shippers and we give the discounts for the drop shippers as follows. We will setup the discount level in our system for each drop ship customers and we will keep chage it once in a month as per your order transaction volume. the below said discount is only for the customer who got regular dropshipping with

How to Start..??
•Just place your retail orderand in the notes (comments) just write "DROPSHIP" and enter your dropship customer details and place the order.
•You can do the dropshipping from our wholesale section also but you need to place the wholesale order and we do dropship for you.

To make it easier for you to reach us please submit all your enquiries only through our Contact Us Help Desk.

Enjoy Shopping with !!