Zero Gauge Earrings

The diameter of the rod that is inserted into the ears’ pierced opening is normally termed as a gauge.glow in the dark  rings
The gauge of the earrings and ear plugs Ear up ring can be of different sizes starting from the smallest to the largest. The plugs that come with the largest diameter rod are called zero gauge plugs.

Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug        Hexagon Gold Anodised Ear Flesh Tunnel        Gold Anodised Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel

These zero gauge plugs silicone gauges can be fitted into the ear without causing much damage anodized cartilage. But such plugs cannot be inserted directly into the piercing. If a person wants to go for a zero gauge plug he/she should start with the smaller sizes at the beginning and then gradually move towards the zero gauge plugs.cartilage earring


Pink Neon Colored Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel       Hollow Grooved and Flared front Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel        Blackline Micro Setting Jeweled Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

Such plugs can be made of any kind of metal like gold anodized steel, UV, silicone as well as surgical steel. The surgical steel ones are very popular among the masses because of their affordability.10 gauge internal thread

These come with cubic Zirconia crystals with them and make them dazzling pieces. 8 gauge ear tunnel

The Zirconia earring is embedded with cubic zircon gemstones which are synthetic gemstones and have an appealing look like that of diamond.

Multi Colors Ear Plug

They are long lasting and do not lose their shine and sparkle.

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