Zebra Design Crystal Stone Ear Flesh Tunnel

Zebra Design Crystal Stone Ear Flesh TunnelBody piercing has been popular from the ancient era. This is a highly celebrated form of body decoration, no wonder it is practiced even till today. The custom to pierce body parts and decorate the same with jewellery has attained a remarkable perception. Resting on the part of the body to be pierced, today there are innumerable body piercing ornaments available. Ranging from silver and gold to modern titanium and platinum or plastic and wood, today body piercing wholesale jewellery comes in endless styles. Created to be worn especially in the piercings, such form of jewellery has assorted sizes resting on the hole size made on the human body.
Ear piercing is very much in fashion these days. And it is not only girls who are blessed to flaunt their ear pieces but boys are equally in the race. A popular category of earring that has become a hit amid both the genders is the Zebra Design Crystal Stone Ear Flesh Tunnel. It has specially been designed for the bigger diameter stretched piercings. These can be obtained in various forms such as with screw at the back, o-rings, flares to name a few. Today some people have beaded and other ornamental stuffs threaded via way of the flesh tunnels. These are worn generally as a symbol of how far people have managed in going with their ear stretched piercings.
Zebra Design Crystal Stone Ear Flesh Tunnel comes in various dimensions ranging from 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm to 20 mm. Each has a gap of 2mm. It is available at a price range of $1.89. This style will allow the wearer in working their way to bigger spools and tunnels more steadily. It is being highly favoured owing to its light weight as well as the choice these flesh tunnels offer them to add other jewellery pieces to the tunnel such as ball closer rings. This ear flesh tunnel comes with a screw at the back for holding it firmly in place.
No matter a person wishes to stretch his ear or accessorize it, the Zebra Design Crystal Stone Ear Flesh Tunnel will definitely give them their stretch piercing the needed attention it deserves. In fact it is creating rage especially amid youngsters that prefer in making a bold statement. Typically worn on the earlobe it will definitely give the wearer a truly unique appearance. Go give this a try today!

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