Yellow Gold Nose Screw with an awesome butterfly design

9K Solid Yellow Gold Butterfly Nose ScrewNose piercings may seem like a very modern practice mainly owing to the awesome avant grade designs. But you should know that this is a fairly old tradition and have been around for more than a thousand of year. The piercing process is quite painless and the healing process is very quick. Also, nose jewelries are quite inconspicuous and if you do not want the piercing anymore, you can simply take it off and the hole will close down leaving no trace. There are various forms of nose jewelries, like nose studs, nose rings, nose hoops and nose screws.

Nose screws are relatively easier to wear because there no clasps are needed to hold them in place. There is a short stem and at the end of it is a half circle or C shaped turn which goes inside your nostril and keeps the jewelry in place. This is pretty popular when compared with nose studs or hoops because it is easy to insert and remove and clean thoroughly.

We have so many beautiful nose screws from which you can select what looks best on you. The range is varied and dazzling. One such item is the solid yellow gold butterfly nose screw. You might think that gold is too traditional a material to don on your nose but let us tell you that nothing spells elegance better than yellow gold. It is very much an enduring material and most importantly, resists rust, corrosion. The beautiful yellow shine on a nose screw will not fade easily. The alloys like copper and silver are what give the gold its bright yellow gloss. The signature warmth that oozes out of a yellow gold piece is unique and unparalleled. This piece boasts of 9K worth of solid gold. The thickness is 20 gram. The part of the nose screw which will be visible on the surface is a carved out in the shape of a dainty butterfly. You can wear this at your workplace too without any qualms. In fact, anywhere you wear it; everyone would be appreciating the beauty this piece is!

Minimum order quantity is 2. This solid gold butterfly nose screw comes at the price of $3.95. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.

Rush to and see the images, you are sure to fall in love with this piece.

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