Wooden Jewelry An Art



Fashionistas Looking To Add Some Eco-Friendly Options To Their Accessories Will Look No Further, Because These Wooden Jewelry Pieces Are Just The Things To Provide That Chic, Naturalistic Look That You’ve Been Longing For.

When Most People Think Of Pieces Of Wood And Timber, Images Of Tables And Decor Items Often Comes To Mind. These Wooden Jewelry Pieces However, Are Revolutionizing How These Timber Pieces Of Material Are Being Utilized, And Showcasing Just How Stylish And Sustainable It Can Be To Incorporate Them Into Your Jewelry Pieces. From Chic Geometric Bangles Made From Birch Plywood To Timber Pendants And Earrings, These Wooden Jewelry Pieces Will Definitely Add A Unique Touch To Any Outfit.

Perfect For Those Looking To Have A Slice Of Nature In Their Wardrobe, These Wooden Jewelry Pieces Will Certainly Have You Feeling More In Touch With The Outdoors.
One Important Type Of Jewelry Is Wood Jewelry That Is Inspiring Host Of Jewelry Aficionados To Get Their Hands On It. By Long Odds, Wood Jewelry Has Its Own Different Appeal And Value As A Result Of Which It Is Coming To The Front Rapidly In The Jewelry Bazaar.
The Available Styles And Designs In Contemporary Wood Jewelry Will Inspire Even The Most Judicious Shoppers To Consider For Buying Without Fail. As Tastes And Preferences Vary From Person To Person, The Prevalence Of Traditional Or Vintage Wood Jewelry In The Market Makes Sense Especially For The Respective Types Of Customers.
Moreover, Some Specific Type Of People Looking To Get Their Hands On Like-Minded Wood Jewelry, They Can Ensure The Availability Of The Personalized Jewelry Fitting Best To Their Personal Preferences And Needs. it Would Be A Misapprehension If Wood Jewelry Is Considered To Be A Novelty, Yet In Fact The History Highlights That The Concept Has Been Passed On By The Ancient People That Used To Make It Via The Different Materials Like Stones, Shells, Bones, Woods Etc. Now When The Fashion Of Wood Jewelry Has Revived In The Market And Attaining Prominence, It Gives The Impression As If We Are Hooking Up To Our Inherited Jewelry Culture.
Wood Has A Special Appeal, It’s A Living Thing With A Personality. There Are So Many Colors And Textures. It’s Incredible That Something Growing In The Back Yard Or Hiding In The Wood Pile Can Unleash Such Beauty When You Cut Into It. Wood Is All Around Us, You Can Buy It, Recycle It, Or, Best Of All You Can Harvest And Discover It. Wood Has Great Potential For Use As Jewelry. It’s Lightweight, Easy To Work With, Abundant, And, As A Natural Material, It Possesses Near-Infinite Diversity. Wood Also Lends Itself Quite Well To Reuse

I Like Making Jewelry Because It’s So Small And Intimate. Most People Wear Some Form Of Jewelry, Usually Gold Or Silver. I Like The Warmth Of Wood, Metal Is Just Cold And Lifeless.
The Colors On These Hand-Carved Wooden Earrings Are The Natural Tones Found On The Wood, Except For Those Which Are Clearly Inlayed Or Painted. They Are Held Onto The Ear By A Thin Wooden Post That Wedges Through The Small Holes On The Wood Earrings. The Post Fits A Standard Size Piercing, Rarely Causes Irritation And Is A Great Alternative For People Who Are Sensitive To Metallic Earrings.
At Coco Loco We Work Directly With All Artisans Producing Our Organic Jewelry Line, Using Natural Materials That Are Often Recycled Or Reclaimed. Your Purchase Significantly Helps Improve The Quality Of Life Of Traditional Carvers, Artisans And Their Families, While Preserving Their Tribal Art And Culture.

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Wooden Jewelry
Wooden Jewelry An Art

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