Wood Plugs: A Bit Different from Traditional Jewelry

Wood plugs are fine jewelry that is made often by professional woodcraftsmen. These are a unique work of art and are organic and made from natural wood. Wood plugs along with diverse products such as wood tunnels, wood eyelets, wood spacers, wood earrings, wood gauges, and wood expanders make for some interesting and attractive jewelry for both men and women. There are some great collections available online and you can choose the perfect wood plugs to complement your mood and outfit for the day. What’s more these are quite affordable and therefore you may choose to buy quite a few at one go.

Why Select Wood Plugs?
Wood plugs are a bit different from traditional jewelry considering the fact that they are neither made of gold nor silver or stainless steel or for that matter any other metal. They will stand out among the crowd and you can make a fashion statement of your own by wearing different designs of wood plugs wood rings some of which are exquisitely crafted. So if you are tired of wearing the same kind of body piercing jewelry then opt for wood plugs at least one. You will definitely find it a great substitute to the metals.

What are the Different Types of Wood Plugs?
There are different types of wood plugs to choose from. While some of them may have interesting pictures painted on them, others may have designs printed on them. Some of them may even have carvings on their surface, which make them appear more beautiful than the traditional printed ones. You may even choose one that has been painted in diverse color patterns to match your attire for the day. If you are not happy with the ones that are already available, you can also opt for a made to order wood plug to add that personal touch to your jewelry. It will look far more appealing in that case.

Find out how they look on you
Wood plugs come in varied shapes and sizes but it is essential to choose one that will fit perfectly with your piercing. These can be easily worn by an individual provided these are of the right size and shape. If you are allergic to certain metals, then these can prove to be the best alternatives for metal jewelry for piercings. So what are you waiting for? Order a pair or two right away to check how they look on you.

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