Wonderfully Cost Effective Wholesale Surgical Steel Dangling Tragus Piercings

Forget the ordinary and mundane jewelry and take the path less trodden by going for a tragus piercing. Get yourself educated about the do’s and don’ts of the procedure first though. The tragus piercing is made in the cartilage of the ear, right in front of the ear canal. Since the area is rather delicate although not as sensitive as the other parts of your ear due to the presence of less nerve endings, the pain felt while piercing is nominal and you can safely try it without worrying yourself to death. Do insist on a hollow gauge needle instead of the conventional gunshot for making your piercing as the tragus is an unconventional part of your body to pierce and wear a piece of jewelry.
You are not going to have to wait too long for wearing a beautiful piece of tragus jewelry whether in the form of a captive bead ring or a stud through your piercing.  Just give your piercing 6 to 8 weeks of healing time and get ready to sport the most gorgeous dangling tragus piercing jewelry in your ear. The danglers can be fashioned out of various metals including precious metals like gold and silver but it is best to opt for surgical steel as the base material for your tragus danglers, if you want to keep infection at bay and revel in your new and exciting look simultaneously. The cute designs that evoke interest among your friends and rivals alike come in a variety of colors and embossing. From quaint shapes like arrow heads, stars or hearts along with offbeat ones like a long feather or funky balls hanging from a chain or barbell inserted into your tragus, your choice happens to be totally unlimited.
Think nothing about the expense either. Be sure to check out the range of quixotic tragus danglers in surgical steel at piercebody.com and prepare to be astounded by the cost effectiveness of the cute and charming tragus piercing jewelry that dangles from the ear. Buy several together and get them at bargain prices. You are free to choose the gem and crystal studded ones too and the adorable floral motifs in exciting colors that dangle from the soft cartilage in front of the ear canal.
From the traditional to the funky and cool shapes that sway attractively with the slightest movement, the tragus earrings are at the height of fashion once more, having been popularized in the year 2005 for the first time.

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