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Nose jewelry is actually the beautiful piece of jewelry that gives you and your nose piercings a wonderful style makeover. Diamond gauge

They enhance your personality as well as make you look attractive square nose. One of the most stylish of nose piercing jewelry is the nose ring.

The nose rings are available in various different colors as well as the designs 8 g. Get the nose ring hoop  made of 316L stainless steel,  old (yellow gold & white gold), in order to give yourself a new glittering look. These nose ring hoops are nose hoop  available in 18G by size. black barbells

The purple dangle nose rings are also a popular option; these nose rings are made of the sterling silver and they come with a high quality rhinestone, CZ and diamond cz stone fake.

Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug

If you’re interested in other type of facial piercing for women, then do check out the ear piercing jewelry at our 14 gage store. birthstone earring  There are various body piercing jewelry options for the ear piercings such ear lobe piercing, transverse piercing, cartilage piercing, and  ndustrial piercing.nose piercings  Perhaps, nothing gives you a stunning look like ear spacers and the earplugs. They’re made up of various different materials ranging from UV, silicon to the stainless steel. You can start with the tiny ear spacer available in various designs as well as colors before moving on to the pink stone plug 12mm made up of 316L surgical steel. Yin Yang plugs 5mm, 6mm fake plug are also turning out to be a brilliant option. barbell bioflex

Star Shaped Blackline jewelled Madonna Labret

Another type of a facial piercing is Lip piercing jewelry fake lip ring that requires a piercing on the upper side of the lip. The lip piercing jewelry is available in bio-compatible material. Cartilage earrings


Same with the eyebrow piercing jewelry for the girls,20 gauge nose pins   these bio-compatible jewelries are safe for the skin. You can go for the different shapes and designs of barbell for these piercing and get yourself a look to impress everyone. Star CZ Silver 6mm

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