Wide Variety of Affordable Nipple Ring Designs

Body piercing is one of the most popular ways of celebrating body art. It’s only fitting that you have the perfect nipple ring designs for your piercing. Nipple piercings have become an intimate jewelry among women, which has been growing in demand slowly worldwide. The different types of piercings include- rings, circular barbells, captive bead rings, barbells, bar closure rings and much more.

jeweled heart surgical steel nipple ring designs

These nipple ring designs are made from surgical steel or titanium. It is also of the UV material which reacts and gives off a soft glow when under the UV light. These are also available in 9K-14K gold and in sterling silver. These also embellish with precious stones in white and different colors to suit your needs. These nipple ring designs are also available at great discount prices.

Different Nipple Ring Designs at Low Price

Body piercing tradition has reached greater heights, where today’s youth is tending to pierce different body parts to look fashionable and trendy. Nipple jewelry is one such trend that is fascinating most of them nowadays.

 nipple ring designs

Surgical Steel Nipple Piercing

These surgical steel nipple rings are made of surgical steel which has no side effects to the human skin. They can be worn on all occasions and regularly with ease. They are plated with pure gold by PVD which makes metal in vapor form and deposited which gives the product a glossy finish and makes it durable and scratch proof and doesn’t fade away for ages. This nipple jewelry range is of the next generation with huge discounts and is loved by women globally.

 surgical steel nipple ring designs

Titanium Nipple Ring Designs

Titanium captive bead rings or nipple jewelry is totally safe and is durable. These rings are the idyllic choice, especially to those who have allergies to other metals. You can get these nipple rings with round balls at the end and several other designs as well. You can avail different sorts of lustrous and appealing nipple rings from the online store. In order to have safe piercing it is better you choose rings from safest metal titanium.

silver nipple rings

Silver Nipple Rings

This is one of the nipple ring designs that is from pure 925 sterling silver type. It also has ornaments with various beautiful color stones. These nipple rings are sure to offer you a remarkable look! Among all available body piercing jewelry, heart nipple ring is the coolest and newest addition to the assortment of body rings. The vital reason being, nipple piercing is not just artistic, instead, it is also pleasurable and sensual. Nipple piercing rings are made from different metals; however, the sterling silver nipple rings stand out from the rest due to their brilliant brilliance and appeal. Get these elite silver nipple rings to look stylish and sleek.

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