Wholesale Nose Piercing Jewelry: Types and Designs

Finding a reliable wholesale nose piercing jewelry is difficult, yet challenging. Many online manufacturers offer low quality products that make it harder to choose from. These days, it is normal for people to choose and wear one body jewelry to enhance your look.

Body piercing has become a hit in fashion these days and almost everyone flaunt their body piercing. While some people opt for something bold like either nipple piercing or belly button piercing. Few are content with just a nose piercing or eyebrow piercing.

wholesale nose piercing jewelry

Available Wholesale Nose Piercing Jewelry

These are simple rings that are made from 316 surgical steel. This is the perfect accessory if you want to keep your look simple yet stylish. This is of 18G and sizes vary from 6mm to 12mm. You can team this hoop nose piercing with any casual outfit and assure that you can totally rock that look.

These days a lot of people are opting for dermal body jewelry as there is an increase in the number of people who love body jewelry. Hence do not want to try the normal surface piercing.

Nose Piercing Jewelry Wholesale

In addition, stud nose ring is the most exquisite styles of gold nose rings in attractive styles in 9k and 14k 18k nose.  The stone of 2mm bio-plast nose round jeweled is a high quality of CZ. If you are also looking for the perfect hoop nose ring, then do check out our wide range of 18g nose hoop collection.


Types of Nose Jewelry Sold as Wholesale


Real Diamond Nose Jewelry

Treat yourself with the best quality of gold diamond nose pin. Offering a huge collection of nose studs and nose screws! Diamond nose piercing stud is not only interesting pieces but they turn to be an amazing when you wear. Hence, these pieces are specially for you to wear them ‘coz they range in an affordable price!

diamond nose piercing

Our range of body jewelry includes a diamond stone dermal nose pin. This is made from 9K solid gold and is studded with a genuine diamond.  This diamond has ‘SI1’ clarity and is in a perfect shape. Go on and treat yourself to this beautifully crafted nose pin to give yourself the makeover you’ve always been longing for. This is also the perfect gift for the woman in your life if you want to make her feel special.


Pearl Studded Nose Studs

Nose studs are one of the most beautiful body jewelry accessories. This perfect body jewelry for your nose piercing is a 22G nose stud that is made from 925 sterling silver. It comes with jewel-end where it’s adorned with a beautiful pearl to give you the royal look.

pearl wholesale nose jewelry

The ball end measures 6mm while the straight end measures 9mm. This is also skin friendly and does not cause any skin allergies or irritations or any kind of damage to your skin. Since this also comes at a highly affordable price, it makes for the perfect gifting option for your loved ones.


Nose Jewelry with Gems

Including in the wholesale nose piercing jewelry are nose studs embellish with gems. All these nose studs have taken body piercing art to the next level with a great sense of style and craftsmanship. These nose studs are made with gems or stones of varied colors embedded with them and they are made of sterling silver which is hygienic and user friendly and has great intense strength.

Nose Piercing Jewelry Wholesale with Gems

They can be use on all occasions by women and are eco-friendly and have a visual appeal which attracts a lot of onlookers among crowds in parties and clubs. Nose studs can be a gift to special ones and famiy because they are unique and display a great fashion statement.


Nose Rings Under $1

You can even look good in $1 with our different styles of nose piercing jewelry. They are an occasional as well as holiday nose rings!  The above three nose pins collection is a straight nose pin. However, their style varies. If preferred, in plain, nose dangling chain as well as a painted nose pins! Made from a high quality 925 sterling silver!

Wholesale Nose Piercing Jewelry prices


Where to Get Reliable Nose Piercing Jewelry at Wholesale Price?

Piercebody.com offers different designs and wholesale nose piercing jewelry. They are not only popular types of belly button rings but also known for beautiful, classic, elegant and funky nose pins. Whether they are in plain nose pins, diamond nose screw or rhinestone nose studs. Our cheap body jewelry wholesale gallery brings the fascinating styles of silver nose pins with the rhinestones attached.

Gold nose pins

In addition, one can find a large collection of this beautiful gold nose piercing that can make you look extraordinary. The good thing is that one can easily find them at affordable rates. The Gold nose piercing is a skin friendly because it is made up of pure gold. You can wear it as long as you can without getting an infection and looking bold every time. What is important is that you can avail a trusted brand for wholesale nose piercing jewelry.

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