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First of all, a wholesale crystal belly button rings and  surgical steel belly button rings are not the recent developments. They began to gain popularity when the models have wear them on runways. Hence, without knowing that they were creating a new fashion trend that would be appealing for the females in particular.

Cute crystal belly button rings have now become the most popular choice for younger generation. This piece of jewelry goes well with a navels with great shape. It also pays back for all the efforts you invest in working out in the gym. Belly button rings are available in different variations in terms of colors, shapes and sizes. The design of long dangling and short dangling are most of all exclusive for drawing the admiration and attention to the wearers.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

Today, the teenage girls prefer wearing blouses or tops that expose their abdomen. It also expose the elegant belly button rings even wearing skirts and pants. Yet, you can find belly button jewelries around for centuries. It has probably gain its popularity and  sky rocketing only in the recent times

wholesale crystal belly button rings

The Influence of Hollywood

Even the great Hollywood industry has influenced a lot with the popularity of this jewelry. These jewelries were worn by young beautiful actresses over sixty years ago even during the conservative times. This trend is still being continued not only in Hollywood films but even by common women as well. It is the only jewelry which has exploded in popularity across the world. Today, crystal belly button rings have become an essential fashion statement for younger females.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

Why Youths Are Inclined Towards Belly Button Rings?

  • Fashionable

When you put as much as double belly button piercing, you can make a style statement with any type of unique accessories and clothing. It helps in achieving a trendy look and grabs others’ attention towards your styling sense. With so many styles and types available, these crystal belly button rings match well with any outfit and present a casual look. You can make a fashion statement on any event by wearing these rings.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Appealing

As these belly button rings are worn in the sexy party of the body, they add appeal and allure to your look. They are designed in such a way that they highlight the midriff and accentuate the curvy area of your waistline. When both these areas are eye catching, your overall appealing will be enhanced automatically. But, make sure you purchase these rings from a wholesale piercing jewelry store.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Versatility

Besides being fashionable, these belly button jewelries are extremely versatile. They can be worn by all women regardless of their age from teen girls to adult women.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Different varieties

The crystal belly button rings are available in a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. You will find something edgy and alternative to stylish and sleek. Though belly button rings made of crystals are more popular, there is also a great demand for rings made with different compositions such as surgical steel, 14 karat gold, silver, glass and many more. To get the best quality crystal belly button rings at the lowest possible price, you need to look for a wholesale piercing jewelry store.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

Why is The Leading Manufacturer and Supplier?

There are several reasons that make a pioneer in body piercing industry. They are as follows.

  • Affordable rate

Usually, the prices of crystal belly button rings are extremely higher and this prevents some people from wearing these fashionable accessories. However, there are certain online stores such as which offer belly button rings at lowered prices. This website is highly recognized for selling cheap body jewelries and for providing a big discount on its products. When you look at the website, you will find immense information about discounts offered on fashionable belly button rings as well.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Discounts and Offers

As PierceBody is an online based business, they offer such as crystal belly button rings at affordable prices. As they are not using any physical facilities and just conduct business online, the saved amount is passed on to its customers in the form of discount. In fact, they are in the top position in offering large discounts to its customers buying body jewelries in bulk quantity.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Massive information

Unlike other online stores, the information available on crystal belly button piercings at is copious. Each and every product displayed on the website comes with detail information about their specifications along with images. This makes it easier for the buyers to make a well informed decision whether to buy the specific piece of navel piercing ring or not.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Wholesale prices

If you have planned to buy wholesale crystal belly button rings in considerable qualities, then you can purchase them at discounted prices from this wholesaler. provides body jewelries at the wholesale price for the buyers who place orders for bulk quantities. By buying crystal belly button rings at cheaper price from, you can earn some income by selling it at good price. Of course, the amount of discount you enjoy depends greatly on the quantity of navel jewelries you opt for. Usually, the discounts start from 10% and come with free delivery.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Varieties, is a reliable wholesale body jewellery store. It has equip with a team of jewelry designers and experts. With their in-depth knowledge in using advanced technologies to design the jewelries, they are coming up with innovative designs and styles very often. The designs and styles of body piercing jewelries available at are really tempting and eye catching.

All the factors constituted a lot in making as the leading manufacturer and supplier of body jewelries.

wholesale crystal belly button rings

Popular Designs of Wholesale Crystal Belly Button Rings at

  • 4 Pieces Crystal Belly Button Rings

These four pieces crystal belly button rings are made with high quality 316 L grade surgical stainless steel. The stainless steel gauge is 14G and it comes with one belly retainer. The interesting part of this body jewelry set is that 4 pieces of belly button rings are available in attractive colors such as Pink, Yellow, Purple and Turquoise. They are very sparkly and look more gorgeous on a well toned waist. You can either order for a single piece or in bulk quantities from this bulk body jewelry store.

  • Available in four colors
  • Include 1 belly retainer
  • Steel gauge size is 14G
  • Made with surgical stainless steel of 316L grade

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • Belly Button Ring with Paved Crystal Flower

These crystal belly button rings come with paved crystal flower in the center. It looks just adorable and sparkle like real diamonds. If you are looking for a reliable and beautiful belly button ring, then this item would be the right choice for you. The paved crystal flower is clearly visible and lets you to make a style statement by pairing it up with short tops that better show off your waistline. It is made with 316L grade surgical stainless steel and so, you need not worry about any infection and skin irritation on wearing them.

  • High quality surgical steel
  • Steel gauge is 14G
  • Ornament diameter 18mm
  • Paved crystal flower in the center
  • No fear of infection

wholesale crystal belly button rings

  • A Pack of 10 Crystal Belly Button Rings

This set of 10 and you get a wholesale crystal belly button rings price provide you with a great value for your money. Available in ten different colors, these belly button rings are perfect for those who want to wear each and every accessory in compliance with their entire outfit. They are compose of high quality surgical steel material which don’t get tan or flake when wearing. You need not have to remove it even while swimming as they can withstand harsh usage. You are sure to get the best value for its price.

  • Available in 10 different colors
  • High quality surgical steel
  • Withstand harsh usage
  • Size 14 gauge

wholesale crystal belly button rings

How to Become a Reseller: Wholesale Crystal Belly Button Rings at

  • This is probably one of the most exclusive features of If you are a kind of individual who want to make some profit by selling wholesale crystal belly button rings, then will be the most optimal choice. The individuals and manufacturers of belly button rings can sell their products by posting the images and information about their products. All the body piercing jewelries displayed on this website will be in good condition, giving you a great value for your money.
  • Many leading manufacturers and suppliers are even displaying their products on this popular website. So, the buyers can access to a wide range of crystal belly button rings in a wide gamut of styles at Of course, the buyers must make certain that the jewelries are in good condition to stay away from infection.
  • As a result of being the leading manufacturer of body jewelries, it has solution for the fashionistas that it provides a platform to both purchase and sell body jewelries like selling wholesale crystal belly button rings at reasonable prices right from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for the best portal to buy some fashionable body accessories or want to sell them and make residual income, there is no other body jewelry wholesale store as reliable as

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