Where to buy hip dermal?

A latest trend in the
body piercing is the hip dermal piercing. This type of piercing is different
from other kinds of body piercing because here two parts of jewelry are used. One
part of it is placed under the skin through a small slit and on top of the skin
the other part of the jewelry is placed. The part below the skin acts as an
anchor and holds the upper part in place.

Dermal Anchors with Black ball Top      Dermal Anchors with Black Half ball Top       Dermal Anchors with logos

The dermal piercing jewelry
is available in various styles and designs. A favorite among fashionistas is
the dermal piercing jewelry diamonds. These dazzling pieces are attractive and
when placed on hip area, the sexiness of the area increases.

There are different dermal
piercing designs that one can go for and most people prefer the tiny dermal
jewelry or the micro-dermal jewelry.

Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Tops      Logo Dermal Anchor Tops      Flower Jeweled Dermal Anchor Tops

A very modern trend
among the many inserted skin jewels are the skin diver piercing studs. These
are flat discs or rivets with gemstones in them and these can be easily placed
on the skin with little discomfort. They are used to form decorative patterns
as well on the skin.

Can you change stone in
dermal anchor?
Well, dermal anchors are permanent piercing just like tattoos.
But one can easily change the top of the dermal anchor ad go for different
colored stones and designs.

The essential beauty
dermal jewelry is available at Piercebody.com. There are also discount sales
that are held regularly on flesh dermal anchors.

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