What’s new in ferido jewelry?

A ferido is an epoxy resin adhesive product that has found use in making jewelry. Ferido is particularly used as a glue to set crystals in jewelry because of its adhesive properties.preciosa belly ring
Crystal jewelry is never out of trend and the crystal pendants collection 2012 will make one dazzle. Because of the high quality adhesive nature of ferido, one does not need to be worried about the crystals falling off from these latest style pendants.austrian crystal stone


Ferido body jewelry has a surging popularity among the fashion jewelry lovers. The earrings “round” Austrian crystal is a famous jewelry piece. It is made of the Austrian crystals beautifully set on the base with ferido as the glue. These round earrings are a must for every fashionable woman’s jewelry collection.labret star top

Sterling Silver Crystal Hollow Tear drop Earring       Crystal stone Belly Ring      Zebra Crystal stone shamballa bracelet

Ferido earrings which is artistically made. One of the biggest buyers are Australians. Therefore, these preciosa crystal Australia are also one of the most sought after earrings. One can easily find the 10mm crystal hoop earrings wholesale that are made of the preciosa crystal. Buying at a wholesale price means that one does not have to pay very high for these precious crystals earrings.

Multi Crystal stone Heart With Silver Pendent      Multi Crystal stones serrate leaf Pendent       Red Color Crystal stones Bracelet

The preciosa crystals that are used in the ferido crystal earrings are made of the finest quality and if these crystals are purchased from preciosa premium shop they will cost a lot. But if one buys the crystal earrings from wholesale crystal piercing jewelry
store one would get them at reasonable prices.

Crystal earrings are beautiful jewelry merchandise and are available in different styles and designs. One can find heart shaped crystal earrings or beautiful butterfly shaped ones. In our crystal earrings online store one can get a lucrative deal on these crystal jewelry which usually cost a lot.

Ferido jewelry is in-vogue and is a must-have in every girls fashion accessory collection.

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