The Latest and Popular Weed Jewelry Design

Marijuana jewelry or weed jewelry is available at ““. Every weed jewelry design is just right there to serve your needs and satisfaction of 12 gauge labret. You name it, we have it. If we don’t have anything that you are looking for, just add your comment in our feedback form. We’d love to hear from you so that we will also learn about your taste!

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Most Popular Weed Jewelry Design

Cannabis Pendant

Cannabis pendants which are one of the most popular jewelry in our web store. It is apart from ear plugs for weed jewelry. This piece is a 925 sterling silver looks quite oxidized and are available in many colors.  Cannabis leaf stretcher is one of the most popular and widely accepted body piercing jewelry. Our body jewelry is an excellent quality workmanship. Sometimes the best way to get truly look is to think a little outside the box. Over the years, body piercing has become more than just a deviation from social names into a new break through fashion style.


The leaf earrings have the hook that is made of a 925 sterling silver but the material is Pishkapis shell.  They are available in 4 sizes. Although it’s a 316l surgical steel material, the piece looks very affectionate. It’s always been about the pot leaf. The popular pot leaf which has given its popularity to the ear stretchers or the ear plugs!

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Weed Jewelry Design Sizes

Wear a stylish weed plug of the finest size of 18mm, 10mm, and 20mm. In plug size 18, it is the best weed plug design size and has a great weed plug spark.

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Weed Jewelry Design at offers an exquisite marijuana ear tunnels. It has an ultimate edgy, humorous, and collectible, novelty with a red, yellow & green marijuana leaf. All ear jewelry is made of UV which means a great and safe material for your body jewelry.

Check out our latest and most colorful weed jewelry design. Anybody jewelry lover will get attracted by this colorful ear stretcher. Today’s fashion is evolving and previously unacceptable like wearing body piercing jewelry. But now, it’s becoming one of the hottest trends. The mainstream fashion has recognized it as an acceptable style and no longer viewed body jewelry as an anti-social.

Our body jewelry store online offers one of the best quality weed jewelry designs. We offer a low price but this month our valuable customers can purchase the marvelous weed piercing jewelry. We also provide a coupon for the month! The tricolor pot leaf/ marijuana weed jewelry is one of the most demanded body jewelry in our web store!

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