Wear synthetic pearl balls and up your fashion quotient

If you need to add a quirky quotient to your informal look for the party or your formal appearance at an interview, go for a synthetic pearl ball. It looks as real as the original gem but comes at incredibly moderate price.

What is synthetic jewelry?
A synthetic gem material is actually manmade, that is it is prepared at the laboratory. But the unique thing is, it has all chemical, visual, and physical distinctiveness of its original mineral complement. However sometimes, extra compounds, namely synthetic turquoise and synthetic opal may be present in them. So, if you are buying a synthetic pearl, you can be sure that it has the identical chemical formula, crystal configuration and optical features as a natural pearl would have.

Synthetic pearl versus original pearl:
Without proper training and very minute examination, it is not possible to distinguish between original and synthetic pearl. In fact, some of these gems are so perfectly made that they can only be identified as synthetic in well equipped laboratories that deal with gem identification.

  • Over time a real gemstone can be prone to splits and scratches, but surprisingly synthetic jewelry is resistant to that.
  • It is surprising but synthetic pearls will weigh more than their natural counterparts.
  • In some occasions, you may be able to tell the difference between two kinds of stones because synthetic ones can occasionally sparkle more than original pearls because the latter has faced weather conditions whereas the synthetic pearl has not.
  • Real gems are rare. Hence they come at very expensive prices. Synthetic gems, having been produced in laboratory do not cost as much as the original ones do.

Why opt for synthetic pearl ball?

  • Synthetic pearls are not subject to blemishes. Real pearls can experience damage but be sure your pearl ball will shine through years.
  • The synthetic pearl balls will look like high end gems, something which you can flaunt and nobody but a gemologist can tell the difference.
  • They come at different sizes and can be fitted into any nose or ear pin.
  • The price is highly affordable.
  • These pearls are flexible enough to go with any kind of outfit. From a retro themed party toy our workplace, you can wear them as ear or facial accessories anywhere.
  • You gain a signature look which is sure to turn heads and fetch compliments from every corner.

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