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Zip Jeweled Eyebrow Ring
A great way to accentuate your eyes can be through eyebrow piercings. Many people tend to shy away from this because it makes for a very bold fashion statement, but even the most conservative dressers would agree that eyebrow piercings are pretty cool. The origin of eyebrow piercings goes back to the ‘70s when the whole punk subculture was in the first flush of popularity. The trend has been in rage since then in youngsters particularly who want to emulate a gothic or punk look.

How is eyebrow piercing done?
So a gauge needle is inserted from beneath the eyebrow which comes out of the upper part of the eyebrow so that a place for putting the jewelry is made. What matters most is the correct gauge which is nothing but the measure of the diameter of the piercing accessory which will go in through the piercing hole created in the eyebrow. If you are looking for eyebrow jewelry, do check the diameter of the gauge. The length of the jewelry also depends on how old the piercing is. So a large gauge piercing jewelry is perfect for those who have a recently made piercing hole in the eyebrow and is still in the process of curing. 16 Gauge jewelry is used most commonly. You should also keep in mind to choose pieces that are medium sized as too short or long jewelry will only make your eyes look not so attractive.

Features of Zip jeweled eyebrow ring:
For healing piercings and regular piercings alike, we present you the awesome jeweled eyebrow ring. The size of this eyebrow ring is 16G-5/16″-3mm.
The bar and the ball are made of 316l surgical steel, the safest among all metals when it comes to piercing. We recommend this more because the barbell and ball which will stay in close contact with your skin won’t harm in any way or cause infection as they are made of surgical steel.
The charm attached comes in high quality silver that is the sterling silver. They are much superior in quality compared to other silver alloys and have a super glossy finish that shines.
What makes this eyebrow ring stand out is the top quality Rhinestone attached with the charm. You get the same design in a variety of colors like Rose, Pink, Sapphire, Aqua Marine, Black, Fuchsia, Rainbow, purple, dark and light green!

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