Green UV Body Jewelry Banana Bar Ring with Multi Color UV Balls

Venus piercing jewelry is one of the vertical nose tip piercing and is a unique and contemporary piercing. It is also  a unisex kind of piercing and hence men and women can both use it as their style statement. The piercing shows right on front of your nose and hence is quite a bold one and easily visible on your face. The venus piercing jewelry is gradually catching on and particularly the resemblance of the position of the piercing with the horns of the rhino has garnered lot of interest and enthusiasm among youngsters.

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Where To Buy Venus Piercing Jewelry Online?

Piercebody has a wide range of body piercing jewelries so that you can experiment with them and create your own individual look. This green UV body jewelry banana bar ring with multi color UV balls is an excellent item for experiment. This banana bar is perfect for a rhino piercing. It glows and has multi color balls which you can alternately wear each month. Since the material is UV, it is also flexible. This stylish and trendy banana bar or curved barbell will make you the next big thing in the fashion world.

Venus piercing jewelry will be perform at any parlor along with nose piercings. The piercing is done with a sterilized hollow piercing needle and a clamp. It extends from the tip of the nose to just under the tip or to the spot from where the nose begins to curve. In certain cases it can run deeper to the top of the nose from the bottom tip as is allowed by the anatomy. A curved barbell is preferred to a straight one because of the position and also due to the variations. The position of rhino piercing has cartilage and it squeezes and also faces other movements. Hence, a curved barbell is best to provide room for that movement without causing any hurt.

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Important Reminders Before Getting a Venus Piercing Jewelry

The aftercare routine is similar to any of the piercings involving saline soak and washing with antibacterial soap. Never forget to pat the place dry. Avoid makeup during the initial phase because that might cause hurt and infection to the newly pierced region. Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands and refrain from moving the piercing right or left.

You already know about cheek or dimple piercing on face, but do you know about back dimple piercing? This is an incredibly sexy piercing made at the back dimple located slightly above the buttock region of a girl. Some calls it as Venus piercing and has become extremely popular among teenagers and young adults. The reason behind this popularity is that girls wearing low waist jeans or pants or skirts with short or cropped tops can flaunt their sexy backs. A barbell is generally used at the parlors for back dimple piercing. So, this year go for a back dimple piercing and flaunt your back making a bold style statement.

Dermal venus Piercing Jewelry

Other Body Jewelry Alternatives

This region is a little tricky; however, curved barbells made from UV material will look hot on the back dimple. Piercebody knows the trends and brings products that will definitely melt the hearts of stylish girls and women. Hence, this green UV body jewelry banana bar ring with multi color UV balls is the best pick for back dimple piercing. The material is not only flexible; it also glows under sunlight and many other kinds of lights like the LEDs. So, imagine going to a disco with this back dimple piercing! You will become the fashion queen. The balls have star pattern on it which already coincides with the image you will carry after sporting this look.

A clamp is used to stretch the skin before inserting a sterilized hollow needle pushing the jewelry inside the perforation. It does not make much time to heal. 1-3 months is enough for a back dimple piercing to heal depending on the body’s immunity.

Back dimple piercings generally cost between $35 and $75. During the healing phase refrain from touching the piercing. Saline soak with cotton swab or ball is a must. Do not apply any kind of moisturizer, lotion, sprays on the back and wear loose fitting clothes during the period. Avoid sleeping on your back for the first few days. If you wish to experiment more with this piercing, go for a micro-dermal piercing. In which the flat portion of jewelry insets into the skin or you can also go for double back dimple piercing.

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