Collection of Black UV Circular Barbell with Pink Star UV Balls

What is a Vampire Bite Piercing?

A vampire bite piercing creates for the neck near the clavicle. However, these days piercings on different pulse points complete on demand by piercing  professional which are termed as vampire bite piercings.

Does vampires fascinate you? Then you can go for a vampire bite piercing.

People mostly favor red gemstone on the piercing jewelry to give the effect of blood drops. A vampire bite piercing looks interesting and piercing enthusiasts find it cool to have two of them. Another characteristic of vampire bite piercing is a 2 simultaneous piercings. It chooses to put on areas to give the impression of bite marks.

Circular or horseshoe barbells are straight surface bars and sometimes studs that uses a red ball tips for vampire bite piercing. It might sound crazy but having a vampire piercing is fun. In fact, this piercing is on the rise and believes  to become really popular among youngsters. It is basically prevalent among women because of its association with vampires seducing young women; however, men can also get it. The vampire piercing has some more interesting names like vampire’s kiss, neck piercing and neck surface piercing.

vampire bite piercing

Where to Buy a Reliable Body Piercing Jewelry

Piercebody offers a wide range of stunning and cheap piercing jewelry online for buyers. This particular black UV circular barbell with pink star UV balls looks interesting and striking at the same time. The balls have stars on them which glow under light. Since the entire jewelry piece is made from UV it will glow under light making it visible from a distance. It is light in weight and quite colorful to look at. You have to take this circular barbell to a reputed piercing parlor to get it placed on your neck. A conversation with the piercer beforehand helps to sort out various issues.

The piercer will sterilize a hollow needle to use and sometimes a taper or punch along with it. Before the piercers uses the needle he/she will mark the entrance and exit points with a marker and during this time you can tell him/her about the exact location. The aftercare routine consists of sea salt soaks with the help of cotton swab or ball and also washing the area with antibacterial soap. Do avoid touching the jewelry with dirty hands and also avoid tugging, bumping and keep your hair tied.

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