UV React Jeweled Flower Ear Stud Pack

Wearing an UV ear stud is an enjoyable experience in itself. I personally love wearing them because the material is not only flexible but also glows under sunlight or some other specific lights like the disco lights. Even if you are not really standing or sitting under light, the item appears colorful to the onlooker. This particular item by Piercebody is brilliant in terms of designs, color, brightness and price. It comes at an almost incredible price and you can pair it up with your beachwear or any other funky smart casual. It particularly goes well with the boho chic look with lots of floral prints.

The UV react jeweled flower ear stud comes in a pack containing 7 pieces of flowers set with diamond rhinestones in the middle of the flowers making them appear sparkling as an added feature. The reactive acrylic material is long lasting and glows beautifully under sunlight. The stem of the flower along with the butterfly are also made from same acrylic material so that the entire piece looks glamorous when you wear it. The best part of this ear stud is that you can wear it anywhere on your ears. However, a helix or a tragus piercing will particularly go well with this bright ear stud.

It is relieving for beginners to know about the technique followed by piercers during cartilage piercing. If you wish to have you rook or helix pierced with the UV ear stud then read through. Piercer generally use sterilized needles for cartilage piercings but since cartilage is tougher to piercer than earlobes, needle pusher along with receiving tube and cork can be used as added safety measures. For tragus piercing a cork can particularly help both the piercer and you for a safe ear piercing.

If the piercing entails making 2 holes simultaneously, like industrial piercing, the piercer will not push the needle through both the holes swiftly. To save the pain and prevent any damage, piercing the marked areas separately is practiced by experienced professional piercers. You will advised by the piercer to wear rings on helix for the initial healing phase to avoid any kind of physical injury due to sleeping or hair entanglement. You can always replace the jewelry once you are healed. If you wish to go for a conch piercing, then conch pins are better choice initially which can be eventually replaced by fancy accessories.

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