UV Pinks Multi Layered Cones

You have heard your elders grumble about the piercings you have on your body while lecturing you about how unprofessional you look. However, there is no merit in being as dull as a door nail all the time. True, you have to work but life is meant to be enjoyed as well and you can do that by showing off your unique body piercings in style. From the piercings on your brows to the lower lip and the belly button, a sweet cone like structure looks becoming in each of them. Go for the bright colors though as they are sure to make you stand out amongst a crowd.

The pinks, blues, greens, and yellows do not only have to stand for the feminine gender though. You are entitled to insert such cones through your piercings even when you happen to be a guy. In fact, you will be thought of as the coolest guy in the world should you be successful in pulling this off.

Check the Internet for body jewelry designs first. You are definite to come across piercebody.com with its myriad offerings in every hue imaginable. It would be wise to opt for a basic design like the cone that can be used anywhere in your body. Remember to pick up at least 50 while you are logged in to the online store. This will give you the double advantage having the delightful cone handy at all times plus you get an exceptional opportunity of buying it at a highly discounted wholesale rate that amounts to just $0.09 per piece. Wait! There’s more to come! Make up your mind to buy a few more pieces and you will be astounded to see how less you have to pay an individual item thereafter. Ordering more than 251 pieces will definitely be worthwhile too as you will now have to pay only $0.07 per piece. Now, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

The brilliant dazzling cones take the casual look to yet another level altogether and you are welcome to try it at a discotheque or night club too. The UV material of your multi layered cone body jewelry will shimmer and dazzle the crowd by its mesmerizing glow in the dark. A property that is sure to be close to your heart for it will catapult you to glory in no time at all.

The UV material is also bio compatible and will befriend your skin, keeping infections and irritations away.

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