UV multiple stripes ball in a wide range of colors

UV multiple stripe balls
This is the season of fashionable UV balls. Wear them as eye, ear, lip or naval piercing and flaunt them. If you are bored of your everyday look and want to try something that is flamboyant and funky, UV multiple stripe balls are just your thing! It is amazing how much change a simple piercing accessory can bring to your appearance.

The balls are made of UV material which glows in response to UB lights. You can easily understand how cool they can be for night time wearing. The balls are specially designed in multiple stripes of various colors. The stripes can add length to your face and the eye catching colors add a certain vibe and youthfulness to you look. The shimmering colors further help you achieve attention from every corner. The acrylic material has a smooth glossy finish which is perfectly suitable for skin. You can wear the UV multiple stripe balls daily with no discomfort.

Why choose UV multiple stripe balls:
There is no doubt regarding the fact that UV balls are that out- of- the- box jewelry which brings immediate attention to the body part where it is worn. Hence these are for the bold and smart young girls who have the right chutzpah to carry off these accessories.  The additional features of this jewelry are:

  • Same stripe design available in various sizes of 1.6x5mm, 1.6x6mm and 1.8mm
  • The wide assortment of colors ( light green, white, black, orange, lavender, aqua, dark blue, pink, red, purple, dark green ) are a treat for the girl who loves to mix it up.
  • The balls catch disco lights and sunlight. So they sparkle and shine.
  • The balls are interchangeable that is one can be replaced with another very easily.
  • This makes them perfectly suitable for any and every kind of outfit.
  • Does not need much maintenance.
  • Hence comes at an affordable price. One can be bought for as low as $0.25
  • The quirky stripes design makes the balls fancy enough to be worn for a night time dinner or as regular workplace accessory.
  • You can create your signature style statement which will make everyone ask you the same question: “where did you get ‘em?”

For the next event, let UV multiple stripes ball glam up your look. For more details you can visit www.piercebody.com

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