UV Multi Layered Cones

Less is more is the motto that youngsters believe in today. So, it may be time to forget the intricate patterns and complex shapes for your pierced ears, nose, and eyebrows. Try out a simple design that does nothing to excite the eye while remaining pleasantly eye-catching in its own way. Yes, it is the humble cone that has caught the fancy of jewelry lovers at present. The easy on the eye shape can, however, draw attention with its spectacular colors that never fail to remind you of a rainbow brightening the dull sky.

Log in to piercebody.co and feast your eyes on the interesting cone jewelry on display. The multi layered cones are enough to bring your tiny, almost obscure body piercing to notice and you get the additional benefit of being widely known thanks to the beautiful cones that adorn your body. There is no limitation when it comes to wearing cones either. Feel free to insert it from very piercing that you have on your body. It is a surefire way of brightening the atmosphere that too without having to pay through your nose.

Just look at the price tag on these beautiful cones at piercebody.com. You would be astounded to discover that they are available at just $0.09, a price that belies belief. It is true nevertheless! Even better is the option of being able to buy 50 pieces at this rate and the highly competitive price goes down further once you make up your mind to increase the quantity of the multi layered UV cones.

Come on, you do not have to think hard for its utility! Get a handful of them as gifts and pass them around on Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other occasion that you deem fit for wearing  brightly colored jewelry. Make sure to buy more than 251 pieces though and you will be assured of the lowest possible price that is $0.07 per item. Surely, a rate that is not possible elsewhere!

Time to take in the material now! Yes, it is not gold nor silver but why should you care for the hugely expensive precious metals that are better off locked away in a safe than on your body? The multi colored UV material is unique in its own way and its property of glowing brightly in the dark is definite to make your wild parties and night outs a time to recall.

Author: pbblog

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