UV Mix Multi Design Fancy Colorful Piercing Balls

Hot and cute, stylish and yet not over the top, the latest range of UV Mix Multi Design Fancy Colorful Piercing Balls, is exactly what you desire to have in your styling kit every time you move out. When you go through this article you are sure to jump up and down with eagerness to grab the balls now!

What are Piercing balls?
Piercing balls are the ones attached to both ends of a straight piercing bar or barbell or the one placed in the centre of a captive bead ring.
The bar or captive bead ring is made up of stainless steel or acrylics and so on. The piercing balls in these jewelries are now interchangeable and unscrewable from the main body of these jewelries. So that now when you lose a ball, or when you like to match them up with your outfit and mood, you do not fret at all. Because now you own a whole set of Multi Design Fancy Colorful Piercing Balls. Also these balls come in UV material.

UV material?
You heard it right. Ultra Violet body piercing materials are nowadays widely manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) for fashion jewelries. Commonly called Acrylics and Acrylic resin, they come from polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. As far as your safety is concerned, recent data indicates that the human body adjusts with acrylics or acrylic resin exceptionally well.
This particular range of UV Mix Multi Design Colorful Piercing balls, is blessed with attractive colors which are sober and yet gorgeous, funky design which are unique and yet sublime, texture which is soft and smooth, and lastly, with UV , i.e. it reacts to special UV lights and lights up your presence in the crowd. So there’s no fading away when you have the UV balls to light you up.

The UV Mix Multi Design Colorful Piercing Balls can be worn with just any piercing be it a Lip business or a Tragus piercing, in nipple piercing or as Eyebrow piercing.

So the UV Mix Multi Design Piercing Balls provide you with:

  • Set of ten piece UV Multi Design Piercing Balls in various sizes.
  • Lighter weight than gold balls or any other jewelry.
  • Lower cost than other expensive metals.
  • Higher comfort without causing any hazard to your tender skin or genitals.
  • Colorful effect that distinguishes you in sunshine and under disco lights.
  • Colors that you may match with new looks you wish to convey.
  • Low tension of losing the piercing balls when you can replace them any time you want.
  • Low maintenance hazard.
  • Less time consumption, as you need less make-up and less maintenance for these glossy jewel pieces.

So hurry up!

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