UV Lip Labret with 3MM UV Marble Shade Ball Piercing Jewelry

Piercing has become the coolest form of fashion statement in recent years and you cannot even probably imagine the variety in piercings you get these days. You think about it and you can get it done on your body. One such rare kind of piercing is the angel bites piercing. It is also known as the crayfish piercing and in this two perforations are done on the outer ridge of the upper lip. It is considered to be a combination of Monroe and Madonna lip piercing in which symmetry is the key. It is also known as anti bites piercing because it is reverse snake bites also.

This is the smartest and trendiest kind of piercing and you can sport this style singularly or combined with other piercings including dimple, septum, nose and even snake bites. To do this piercing successfully, the best item is the labret studs. Piercebody offers a mind blowing range of lip/labret studs for you. This particular 3mm marble shade ball lip stud is one of the best you will get in the market. Available in various sizes including 6, 8 and 10mm, the labret stud is UV in nature. The UV will glow under light and you will have a unique fashion statement. Generally, you get a ball or cone in UV but this entire item is in UV which is rare and of course exceptional.

The piercing is done in various studios and is performed with a hollow sterilized needle. While piercing the size of the labret is longer than you will generally prefer to wear. So, you can change it once it has healed completely. It takes around 2 months to heal completely. Keep the pierced region clean by washing with an antibacterial soap and rinse it well and keep it dry also. You need to do saline solution soak to prevent it from being infected. Also remember to rinse your mouth after every meal. Eat soft food and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. Chilled milk, curd or ice cream will help in reducing pain and swelling.

Some amount or redness is also expected. Do not worry. It will subside within first 7 days. The cost of angel bites piercing is between $30 and $80 depending on the studio and the professional piercer. You may get discount on the price if you choose a combination package.

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