UV Laser Logo Balls

Keep it simple, silly! Well, this sentence is not meant for nerds who tinker with computers and the like only, it might also be applicable to you, if you happen to be obsessed with complex, intricate designs on your jewelry. The best way to get notice or flaunt your body piercing is to go for the simplest adornment available. What can be simpler than a ball dangling from various parts of your body? The regular shape is destined to draw every gaze towards you and you get to revel in the attention courtesy the lovely balls, each depicting a logo of your liking.

While you are perfectly justified to opt for a star or an arrow on the laser balls, you can go a little out of the way and scare off your peers with a macabre skull embossed on your laser ball jewelry. Sure, your jewelry becomes personalized once you get used to flaunting the laser embossed balls on your person thanks to piercebody.com. You are welcome to look around and select as many of these interesting logo embossed balls as possible. It is going to be easy as a breeze as the price is easily affordable for you. Wait! Why should you stop at one? Go for the wholesale rates and pick up 50 at least at one go. Remember that the unique rate of $0.38 per item is too attractive for words but you are in for a pleasant surprise as well when you discover that this amazing rate keeps dipping as the quantity increases. You are thus well within your rights to demand for 251 items or more at $0.30 per piece. Now, that is cost effectiveness at its best!

Keep changing the balls on a daily basis and be sure to make it your fashion statement wherever you go. Letting your hair down by dancing the night away in a discotheque or night club becomes double the fan on account of these UV laser logo balls that glow brightly in the dark, drawing attention to you.

Rest assured, the logo balls will not hurt you in any way and you remain unscathed even when you keep wearing it for 24 hours. The bio compatible UV material is both safe for your skin and easy to clean and you will have no worries of losing them either thanks to the astoundingly low price. It is extremely durable too and will be your companion for a long time.

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