UV fancy star balls: apt for any piercing

UV fancy star balls
So, you are tired of wearing your old jewelry almost every day and want to try a new look without having to opt for pricey new jewelry? The UV fancy star balls are just perfect for you, in that case. With these balls, you can renew your available ear and nose studs and glam up your look. Because these fancy balls can be fixed onto any piece be it barbells or nose pins. You get the option of customizing your look so that all heads turn at you everywhere.
These particular balls are made of UV material.

What is UV material?
Ultra Violet body piercing jewelries are extensively contrived from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) these days. They come from polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid and are generally known as Acrylics and Acrylic resin. You need not be worried about any side-effects because recent statistics point out that the human body puts up with acrylics remarkably fine.
This specific style of UV fancy star balls act in response to special UV lights. They glow brightly and can be worn for night outs at parties.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Gorgeous colors like orange, light green, yellow, lavender, aqua, pink, red, purple which catches the light every time and gives a glossy texture.
  • Quirky star design looks exceptionally perfect for informal hang outs with friends and can also double up as a daily workplace accessory.
  • Various sizes of the same star design.
  • Affordable and reasonable cost
  • Low maintenance hazard
  • Your very own style statement that goes very well with most outfits and brings out a different look every time.

Why these UV fancy star balls?

  • Because they are made of Acrylic, they are a safer choice because the glossy finish makes them gentler on your skin than metal balls.
  • Because facial piercings and ear piercings can get rubbed easily, the UV balls are good choices for their soft feel.
  • The star shape is both quirky and classy, making them suitable to be worn with any attire.
  • Because they shimmer in light and create a flamboyant look, you are likely to get attention from every corner.
  • The huge assortment of colors makes it possible that you can wear one for every outfit.

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