Top 5 Most Popular UV Body Jewelries in the Market Today

Nowadays, the UV materials are very much in fashion. They are known to be cool and hype by everyone.The sensational UV body jewelries have striking colors and different features that will definitely become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Either a teenager or a young adult, the UV accessories have captivated fashionistas across age groups. The special feature of UV body jewelry is that it sparkles under the sun and also under LED lights. The best part of it is that they are flexible for making it easy for the wearer to sport it.

UV body jewelries


Types of UV Body Jewelries

UV Barbells

Make a fashionable statement with stunning UV jewelry barbells. You can also get these beautiful and colorful barbells in a wide variety of funky designs which glows under the UV light. These types of barbells are specifically suited for night parties or discos. They are also flexible in the areas like ear, nose, tongue and also nipple piercing. UV barbells are suitable for a wide range of piercing. There is no age limit to wear these barbells but it looks quite attractive especially for the youngsters.

UV Straight Barbells

UV straight barbells are available in cool and breathtakingly colors.  These UV body jewelries are available in a ball as well as cone ends. They are brightly colored banana barbells in multi-colored balls with various designs. It makes them suit any funky style and fun occasions. Grab your favorite!

UV Circular Barbells

The chic and flashy circular barbells are simply perfect for youngsters. The flashy colors of this UV body jewelry add spunk to the personality of the teenagers craving for dimension and popularity. Sport these at parties, events, night clubs and shows. You can also get noticed by your crush.

Discard the plain Jane look and opt for gaudy and splashy colors on your labret, helix, earlobes, tragus, eye brows or even navel to unleash your wild side. Impress your date or the organizer at your rock auditions with these UV circular barbells. Circular barbells with balls and cones some even with funky designs is sure to make your day!

UV labret

UV Cones

Now you are not stinking rich but that does not mean that you cannot have fun that too in style. It is time to check out the Piercebody shop online and walks away with the chunky UV Cones accessories. It glows in the LED lights thanks to its UV body. You are free to dance the night away and enjoy life to the fullest while the dazzling, colorful cone dangles from your eyebrows or labrum. They are also suited for every body type that you can think of so no worries on that score either. Just log in and shop till you drop. The cones will speak volumes while you cash in on the advantage. Have Fun!

UV Balls

The UV ball accessories are very attractive and give you an incredible look. One can easily find them available in different colors, and you can effortlessly choose one of your choices. This UV body jewelry can glow in the dark and make you look amazing. These UV ball accessories offer you a killer and sporty look. Both the boys and girls can make use of the accessories. Due to their glowing features, the UV ball accessories are always in fashion. This can help you to stand out the crowd. Each design and color will completely daze you. They can easily suit your personality and style.

Have a ball this time by collecting a huge array of exciting iridescent balls in all colors. It is definitely going to add to your attraction once you enter a disco or a party meant strictly for youngsters.  A polka dotted ball on the eyebrow is going to earn you a second look. It is the colorful funky printed ball dangling from our chin. There are no guesses for locating the place that stores them though. Simply log in to and have the best time of your life! You do not have to repeat any piece of jewelry when it comes to UV balls. Just choose the affordable UV body jewelries and convert your life into a year-long party!

UV flesh tunnels

UV Tongue Piercing

One can use UV tongue piercing that can give you a completely new look. Due to their glowing ability in the dark, these UV body jewelries can make you look outstanding. The UV tongue piercing material from which it made are infection free. Therefore, there are zero chances of getting infections. If you really desire to embellish your tongue than UV tongue piercing is the best thing you can go for. The products are so easy to use that it can be worn or remove easily.

Add a little zing to your life now that you have got your tongue pierced at last. It makes good sense to visit and take a look at the wide range of UV tongue rings that can make the idea of sticking your tongue out enormous fun. Try it out in all colors of the rainbow without having any fear of the adverse reaction to your body. Flexible and easy to use, these colorful rings react to the UV lights and help you to become the coveted partner at every party, discotheque, a nightclub as well as all the happening places in town.

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