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UV Bent RetainerBody modification has been widely accepted as mainstream fashion now. However, there are situations and times when you have to hide your loved piercing to maintain your image. Under such circumstances you can use piercing retainers which help you to conceal the piercings. You might have strict rules at your work place or you belong to an extremely conservative family; use retainers to hide your adventure. Sometimes, retainers are required to hide piercings during medical procedures like MRI. Keep retainers at hand to bail you out of such situations. The non-metallic retainers are best while undergoing medical examination.

Piercing retainers are available for all types of body piercing. They are available in different categories like clear nose rings/studs, clear and metallic septum retainers, clear labret retainers, clear tongue ring retainers, clear eyebrow rings, clear belly button retainers and retainers for earrings and stretched earlobes. Buy the ones that suit you best. The one that is brought to you by Piercebody is a UV bent retainer with a 14g×16mm measurement. This bent retainer is made from UV material and is hence flexible. Meant for a bent or curved barbell you can use it on any pierced area which you need to cover for a particular reason.

We know that retainers are helpful accessories but we should also know when to use retainers. For example, you cannot use a retainer when the piercing is fresh. A retainer can only be used after your piercing has healed completely. A clear piercing retainer or a flesh colored retainer which is mostly in demand can only be used on a healed piercing. If you are buying a retainer along with buying the piercing products, you may have to wait for 6weeks to 9 months depending on the kind of piercing you have on your body. In certain cases you may have to wait for even more.

For instance, an earlobe piercing or stretching will accommodate retainer after 6 weeks but a cartilage piercing on the other hand will accommodate it after around 6-7 months. Find out whether you are comfortable inserting a UV bent retainer on your piercing to conceal it. Retainers are generally required for piercings which are a little adventurous because you wish to hide them. Normal piercings like earlobe or nose piercings do not require retainers other than medical examinations. However, be careful about your piercing healing completely before using one on your piercing to avoid any adverse effect.

UV Bent RetainerBody piercing is widely accepted as an integral part of the mainstream fashion industry. However, there may be situations where you would like to hide your body piercing. For example, certain kinds of piercing may not be allowed in your workplace or you may belong to a conservative family that does not permit any unusual body piercing. Sometimes even in case of medical examinations you would like to hide the piercing in your body. For such odd situations retainers can be great saviors. In fact, the non-metallic retainers can do a great job while one undergoes a medical examination.
Retainers are available for all kinds of body piercing. You can get different categories of retainers ranging from clear nose rings or studs, clear tongue retainers, clear belly button UV Bent Retainers, clear eyebrow retainers, retainers for earrings and earlobes and a lot of other kinds of retainers are available so that one can hide the body piercing. However, when you are buying a retainer you need to get hold of something that is most suitable to you. Nowadays, a number of online stores cater to the demand of retainers. For instance, the kind of UV Bent Retainer that is sold by piercebody.com is a good one. The best thing about this retainer is that it is made of UV material and hence it is flexible. Its flexibility makes it suitable for all kinds of body piercings jewellery.
It is true that retainers are helpful in a lot of situations, but we need to know the right use of them. For instance, a retainer cannot be used immediately after a piercing is made. One can use it only when the pierced area has healed completely. In case you are buying a piercing jewelry and a retainer at the same time, you need to wait for 6 weeks to 9 months before you can finally use the retainer.
Different kind of piercing demands a different waiting period. For an earlobe piercing one has to wait for 6 weeks while a cartilage piercing demands a wait period of 6 to 7 months. Before you use a retainer try to find out whether the pierced area is ready for it. If not, you might develop unnecessary infections. However, only piercings that are a little out of the track requires retainers while normal pierced parts like the nose or ear do not demand retainers other than medical examinations.
So fear of no situation can now stop you from making a bold pierce in your body.

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