Perfect Combination of UV and Steel Piercing Jewelry

Piercing is becoming very common these days. You can find innumerable people going for body piercing. There are different piercing accessories available and one can choose as per their likings. However, one of the fabulous pieces of accessory is the UV and steel piercing.

The combination of steel and UV always look stunning. One can opt for piercing accessories, steel and UV. They give you a killer and attractive look. You can easily get these piercing accessories such as steel and UV in various colors, sizes, and shapes. They are very safe to wear and highly durable. They can suit any skin type.

Piercing your body is well and fine as you are now eligible for flaunting hip and happening jewelry. Yet you cannot really ignore the very real fear of infection especially when you try to insert a ring or ball through delicate parts as your lower lip, navel or the tongue. You can forget such fears once you go in for jewelry in precious metals like gold and silver. However, it may not always be possible for you to spend lavishly. The only solution that you have here is surgical steel accessories that can be funky, stylish and safe at the same time. Pair it with colorful UV barbells and balls and you have the perfect solution.

UV and steel jewelry are body piercing rings made of steel and are created by advance innovative thinking. It has futuristic UV and steel jewelry that is safe for this hygienic with no harm to the skin. They come in various shapes and colors, beads and gems.

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UV and Steel Piercing Jewelry Designs

They are available in the form of segment rings, barbells, ear plugs and Labrets. These are all made from composition sensitive to UV light and skin piercing safe steel. Hence, they form a whole range of steel and UV piercing jewelry attract women and men.

Multipurpose Jewelry


  • UV and Steel Curved Barbells

The coolest and the funkiest among body jewelry are the UV and steel piercing jewelry. These are colorful and bright adding another dimension to your personality. The UV and surgical steel combination work wonders for people desiring to go for a makeover. Discover your cool self through the UV and steel combined body jewelry. Choose from a wide range of bright and colorful jewelry with various types of designs and logos to accompany the curved barbell. Experience a splash of colors on your body with UV and steel body jewelry.

  • UV and Steel Straight Barbells

The barbell is considered to be a straight bar along with threaded ball on either end. With the screws provided, it becomes easy to remove and change the balls. You can get a number of designs, patterns, and colors in UV and steel straight barbells. Surgical steel barbells coated with UV acrylic balls have warm and bright colors associated with it. In addition to the dark colors, you can also get rainbow shades and the unique prints on the barbells. Display UV and steel barbells to your friends and grab their attention.

  • UV and Steel Circular Barbells

The mind blowing combination of UV and steel will make you feel young and alive. The colors, texture and the style of the flexible UV and steel body jewelry are available in a variety of designs and innumerable sizes. It is from surgical stainless steel which is of high quality accompanied by acrylic balls and cones coated with UV pieces look amazingly alluring. The barbells are circular making it easy to wear on your face, ear, and also navel. Safe to wear and perfect to flaunt, the steel and UV circular barbells are well suited for different occasions.

Circular Barbell is also known as horseshoe barbells as they have circular beads on each end. It is shaped like a horse shoe. Circular barbells UV and steelare a major trendsetter in body piercing among the younger generation. They are composed of steel and UV material which glows under its influence and portrays a sexy funky look. It is also a form of an incomplete circle with beads on the ends. Circular barbells are used in piercing lips, eyebrows, belly, ears and nose. They have a huge appeal among men and women, who love to go wild in parties and clubs.

uv and steel belly ring

 Lip Piercing

  • UV and Steel Labret Lip Piercing

Lip piercing has become the hottest trend in today’s era. There are several sorts of lip piercing including lip plate, lip frenulum, Labret and lots more. Among all these Labrets are highly popular types as they impart a cool look to lips. These days, Labrets body jewelry is not just limited to silver or gold, instead, there are plenty of other options such as UV and steel piercing jewelry labrets. If you desire to have fashionable appeal then try wearing UV and steel Labrets. You can get these in various designs such as with square or conic ends, removable balls and more. UV coated surgical steel type Labrets are both safe to use and stylish.


  • UV and Steel Tongue Piercing

 The Tongue UV and steel are available in different colors and designs. These colorful Tongue UV steel piercing jewelry can give a compliment to your bold style. They will add essence and stylish look. This Tongue UV and steel are quite easy to handle and are durable. They are safe for your skin and not lead to any infection as they are made out of very well and infection free materials. Tongue UV and steel are available in numerous designs. Therefore you have different choices to wear as per the occasions. The UV and Steel Tongue give a fashionable look to you.

uv and steel

Fun and fashion can certainly go together when you opt for Tongue UV and steel jewelry from Piercebody. You do not have to be afraid of the after effects like inflammation or allergy. Your steel tongue bars with UV balls at its ends make you the funkiest being alive. You need not fear boredom either! The range of colors is almost inexhaustible here. You are not bound to the limit set of solid colors either. Go for the candy stripes or stars on your UV tongue rings and garner fans by the dozen.

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