Unusual Belly Button ring

unusual ways spells adventure and fun! If you are the quirky type who finds the strangest things beautiful, then read on! We can assure you of one of the most unusual and extraordinary design in store.navel moving chain


Infinity Sign Jeweled Navel Belly Ring   

The crystal stones studded belly button ring is not for the ones who are not daring enough to flaunt it. It is a fashion quirk that only an extremely adventurous wearer can carry off! skeleton belly  Aesthetically, the shape of the ring crystal balls complements the shape of your navel, so rest assured that it is not only unusual but also appealing.body wate chain


Purple Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Ring   

For one who has a slender belly button, the Eiffel tower etc is a hit! Forever a popular icon of Paris and love, it is amongst one of the
most popular shapes gem cluster, be it showpieces, or fashion items like ear studs and pendants! vertical jeweled

The belly button is a rich addition to this store of Parisian beauty. It spells class and romance, at once.


SS Banana Bar Belly Ring With Orange UV ball       Jeweled Lightning Bolt Belly Ring      Black line jeweled belly Banana


Black works in contrast to your skin tone, enhancing our complexion. Accessories also look more well-defined in black.

A belly button ring is an instant attraction grabber. It can hardly be missed!


Fancy Jeweled Flower Silver Belly Ring       Fancy Jeweled Heart Non-Moving Belly Ring        Fancy Jeweled Dangling Navel Ring

Cubic Zirconia or CZ belly button ring
is the best answer to exorbitantly priced diamond fashion jewelry. It has the diamond dazzle without its hole-burning price tag! It is the best combination of dazzling beauty and reasonable price!

  Lizard Belly Banana Dangling Navel Ring

So choose your piece of eye catchy unusual belly button fashion accessory and be sure to turn heads!

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