Popular and Unique Tongue Piercing Jewelry Designs

Tongue piercing was once a complex and tedious process and it is now made easy and painless. They are made of surgical steel which promotes damage-free skin for body jewelry. Men and women love these tongue piercings because of the wild and funky style statement. It makes visible and detachable and is cheap and suitable for party goers.

Tongue piercing is one of the wildest ways of flaunting your lip piercing jewelry. It is more stylish than ever for multiple purposes. They are appealing when pierced in the tongue. Women and men both love and adore these body piercing rings. They are safe for the ears and the tongue and are cheap and suitable for clubs and parties.

You should be extra careful in finding the perfect tongue ring for yourself. Tongue rings and tongue Labrets are one of the most popular body jewelry these days, thanks to the increasing number of people opting for tongue piercing.

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Common Types of Tongue Piercing


Gold Tongue Piercings

Our range of tongue piercing rings are made from 14K gold tongue rings. They are completely safe on the skin and hypo allergic. They also come with the ball endings of size 2mm to 4mm. But what makes this pair of tongue rings stand out from the rest is it comes with the removable ball at both ends. It makes it easy and less cumbersome for the wearer. These are available in two variety-plain and jeweled.

Surgical Steel Tongue Piercing

The tongue piercing has never been more fun and healthy with this new range of hygienic surgical steel. These tongue piercings are user-friendly, wild and catchy when worn at events and parties. Our set of surgical steel tongue ring body jewelry is made from surgical steel. It also has a jeweled charm part that is made from sterling silver. Some have embellishment of top quality jewels to add that touch of beauty to the tongue ring. This is tested to be safe on the skin and not cause any allergies. It is cheap and can be gifted to friends and family who are in love with body piercing as an art.

UV Tongue Rings

While there are many kinds of body piercing, it is the tongue piercings that is one of the boldest and most interesting choices of body piercing. Tongue rings and Labrets are becoming increasingly more common too. It is made from UV material which reacts with the UV light to give out a soft glow. This comes with a mix of football shade colored balls to add that touch of quirkiness. The Labret sizes vary from 6mm to 10mm while the ball size is 1.2x3mm thus giving you an option to choose a size you are more comfortable with. These are also hypo allergic. The glow in the dark feature provides a raw visual sex appeal when worn by women and hence it’s famous among the younger generation.

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Silver Tongue

Getting your tongue pierced gives you an excuse to flaunt beautiful jewelry in the unlikeliest of places. Forget the boring, old look and add spunk to your bejeweled look by opting for a classic tongue ring in pure silver. This becomes all more appropriate when you cross your teens but are still young enough to impress the world by sticking out your tongue at it. Doesn’t it make sense to adorn it with beautiful silver tongue rings both plain and in intricate designs? You are also welcome to wear your heart on your sleeve as tongue ring made of silver.

Titanium Tongue Piercing

Tongue rings in titanium can take a load off your mind. It is sure to be appreciated by the pal who means so much to you. The anodized titanium makes it worth your while with their no infection guarantee plus you don’t have to worry about buying a new one very often. They are extremely durable and can excite your buddies with the enthralling colors. So, go on feel free to flash your tongue at the wicked world.

Anodized Tongue Rings

Anodized tongue piercing jewelry is available in various patterns and colors. These Anodized tongue jewelry last for long and are highly durable. This product is manufactured by keeping in mind to avoid the chances of infections. These are very easy to wear and are quite manageable. One can easily get it at low and affordable rates. The best part of it is that it comes in various designs and you can easily choose to wear different designs as per the occasions. The Anodized tongue looks bold and fashionable whenever you wear it.  Anodized is the best thing to decorate your tongue if you wish.

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Choose the Right Tongue Piercings for You

Body piercing has become a fashion statement. You can find many people going for a tongue ring piercing. If you desire to decorate your tongue with a wonderful piece, then you can easily find a large variety of tongue rings in bulk. They are available in rings, barbells. It also comes out of top quality products and therefore they are infection free. The rings are easy to wear and remove. There are various designs such as logos, BioFlex, initials and much more that you can select. You can decide designs as per the occasions. The best part is that they look fashionable at all times.

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Unique Tongue Piercings that You Might Not Know

Logo Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing is carried out with attention to detail and have a unique range of accessories. They have been taken to a whole new level with this display of logo tongue barbells. They have the appearance of a dumbbell with balls at both ends and made of surgical steel 316L and also have great strength and lasting shine. Men and women use these tongue rings to express messages or logos like a yellow pot leaf on the visible side of the detachable ball and have a great visual appeal when worn.

Tongue piercing is now made funkier, wild and expressive. The marijuana leaf logo tongue rings are catching up in the style trend. They are straight barbells with balls at both the ends and available in size 14 gauges, bar and balls. They are made of steel which is high grade and lasting durability and shine. These tongue barbells are flaunted to show of the marijuana leaf logo. It has detachable ball surface and has a cult following worldwide. They are economical with huge demand and are user-friendly.

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Snake Eye Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Snake eye tongue piercing is commonly referred as fast gaining popularity among the young people these days. It is constantly looking for bolder ways to flaunt their tongue piercing. This set of body jewelry can be used as both snake eyes piercing rings and also as snake eye nose studs. This is made of 925 sterling silver which glimmers of its own. It is totally safe on the skin without causing any allergies. Its thickness is 22G and the length of ball end measures 6mm and the length of the straight measures 9mm.

Erotica Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are the body piercing jewelry of erotica and have wild sex appeal. These tongue rings are made of surgical steel of high-grade medical clearance for use on human skin. They are in the shape of dumbbells with balls at both ends with one ball having the white logo with the number 69 on it. This has a wild visual appeal when worn by men and women in clubs, parties, and events. Their size is measured as 6 gauge and very compact for daily use. They can be worn on all occasions and can be a gift to friends and loved ones as a kinky gesture.


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