Unique and Sophisticated Designs of Gold Lip Rings

Gold lip rings are the next generation art in body piercing. Lips are very sensitive, and you should take care of it while piercing and needs time for healing. Lip rings come in various forms like beads, barbells, studs and labrets. Lip rings are from different materials like UV materials which glow under light. They are also composed of titanium, surgical steel and rose gold PVD.

This kind of body piercing has become a rage among people these days. Lip rings or the lip Labrets are surely one of the boldest fashion statements to make as far as body piercing is concerned. This type of gold lip rings is important to choose the from the right type of lip rings.

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Types of Gold Lip Rings

All these lip rings are of unique designs and made by state of the art craftsmanship. They are also made grand by the use of gems and precious stones and customized by world class designers. These attributes make lip rings desired by women and men all over the globe to express their taste in fashion. To keep your lip piercing stylish, we have a broad range of gold lip ring designs to meet all your needs.

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14K Yellow Gold Lip Ring

Our range of wholesale gold body jewelries are made from 14K hollow yellow gold lip rings. It tests to be completely safe on your tongue. This comes with stone jewelry in white color which is an internal lip Labret. It is about 16 gauge and measures 10mm.

Safe and Non-toxic

These 14K gold lip rings are not only hypo allergic but are dent resistant. It is also highly durable too.

Designs and Lengths

These are available in different lengths and sizes consisting of various precious stones and in different colors at the Labret endings. The designs vary from the feminine stars and hearts to the casual square and round shape. The plain belltops have the balls of sizes 3mm to 4mm; thus making it easier for you to select your pick.

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Where to Find Affordable Gold Lip Rings

You can find affordable body jewelry at our body jewelry store. We guarantee you; we make will make up from 1 piece to 1,000 pieces. Piercebody.com, not only offers body jewelry in bulk but also provide body jewelry displays which make up to be lip rings bonus packs. It is also available at significant discount and is a worth investment making, which you will not regret.

They also include cheap lip rings package deals as well as the greatest discounts! PRICE GUARANTEE; SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

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