5 Unique and Eye-Catching Ear Piercing Design

Body piercing is an art which makes the latest trend among younger generations and people in the fashion world. Piercing the ears adds a unique style statement for the woman and even men which make the trend starts. You can choose from a wide ear piercing design that will suit your needs.

Popular Ear Piercing Design That Suits Your Choice

1. Ear Tunnels

silicone ear tunnels

  • Silicone Ear Tunnel

Ear piercing has always been in style for decades. Silicone tunnels are the new discovery with science playing a major role. They are made up of high-grade silicone which is very hygienic and composers of material which absorbs light.

Ear piercing has been made easier to use with this new range of custom made of silicone flesh tunnels, plugs, and expanders. They use a sole purpose of piercing and make it visually expanding. It is also made of high-quality silicone which makes the product very useful for everyday wear and they do not cause itchiness or any other infections. Silicone tunnels are available in various colors and UV materials. It is also embedded with silicone to give it a funky glow in the dark appeal which makes it a visual treat for men and women who love these body jewels.

  • Jeweled Ear Tunnels

Body piercing is an art form and it is a way of expressing oneself in the present times. Piercing the ear is made more fashionable with the use of multiple pink stones. They are in the shape of flesh expanders with the outer surface embedded with multiple clear cut pink stones Men and women can flaunt these bold designs and measured in size. They are made with user-friendly and skin-friendly features. It also has a long life span even with daily use and is surprisingly cheap.

UV ear tunnels

  • Flesh Tunnels

Ear piercing is becoming so common nowadays that numerous styles and designs are available. Flesh tunnel is the new form of ear piercing device used where they are hollow tube shaped tunnels. It is also embedded with colorful gems and stones. They weigh less than flesh plugs and preferable by many women and men in the present times. They are the best because of their durability and user-friendly nature.

Flesh tunnels also come in various sizes and are custom made which is suitable for formal and casual wear. They are also made of surgical steel and hence it’s suitable for the human body. This jewelry is cheap and available in huge discounts when ordered in bulk quantities.

  • UV Ear Tunnels

Ear piercing has been made very simple and futuristic with these new set of UV tunnels. These new tunnel studs are available in different sizes from 3mm to 12mm. They have UV materials embedded into them on the surface in the form of glitter which glows in the dark by absorbing light and gives it a funky cool look.

Men and women both can wear these tunnel expanders and they are suitable for parties and club hopping. They just illuminate one’s presence when worn. Hence the constant demand with cheap prices they are also lovable gifts for all occasions.

stone plug ear piercing design

2. Ear Plugs

  • Fake Ear Plug

Body piercing is a pure body art on piercing the ears. It was an ancient following in many countries. ASIA has among with wild and numerous designs. This fake ear plug can be used for daily use. It composes of surgical steel with UV materials which give them an appealing glow in the dark. They have been made with different shapes like in the form of plugs and tapers and are unique, rust-free and non-allergic to human skin. They have been in demand because of the huge following and women flaunt these almost everywhere with elegance. It can also be gifted to dear ones to make a style statement wherever they go.

  • 8mm Straight Fake Ear

Plain 8mm plugs are used to pierce the ears. It helps in enlarging the piercing hole and is easy to use. They are mini cone shaped products which are available in a wide range of colors. It is very hygienic and can withstand the daily wear and tear. This is loved by both sexes and has become a must have among women globally.

8mm straight fake ear plug

  • 8 Gauge Tunnel Plugs

These gauge tunnel plugs are made of surgical black steel and very hygienic with no ill effects on the skin. They are loved and used by women globally. These tunnels are user-friendly with great sex appeal. They are very affordable and are worn during parties and discotheques. The 8 gauge tunnel plugs are laser cut with high precision and designed by experts.

  • Stone Plugs

Ear plugs will never go out of style because of its sincerity and growing fan base globally. These stone plugs are made of pure crystals with a variety of colors. They are also 16 gauges with the size of 7mm in diameter and 6mm in size. These stone plugs have been worn and suitable with all attires for all occasions. It also has the durability enables it to withstand daily wear and tear. They composed of medically approved surgical steel which comes with greater product life with no ill effects on the skin. These multi colored stone plugs are preferable among women and can be gifted for dear ones.


3. Metal Ear Piercing Design

  • Surgical Steel

Body piercing has been simple and elegant with a new array of surgical steel which is also safe for human wear. It becomes a custom among the younger generation and helped them in expressing themselves by means of fashion. This ear piercing design is made of anodized surgical steel. It also gives consent to be used on human skin with lasting shine. They are also available in custom made designs with precision because of the best machinery is used.

This surgical steel ear piercing design has the high durability that they are also made with customs gems, diamonds, and stones. It adds an extra oomph factor to these ear piercing jewelry. Women portray with beauty and elegance when they flaunt this body piercing jewels.

  • Silver Ear Piercing Design

No matter how adorned up you are, you are not ready to go without a pair of matching earrings. Earrings go a long way in defining the look of a person. One of the most elegant choices of the earring is in a silver design. One example is the hollow teardrop earring which is made from the 925 sterling silver. This is completely safe on the ear and does not cause any allergies or irritations. They are also available in many colors like red, black, and white and pink to name a few. These are highly durable and are available at great discount prices.

silver ear

  • Gold Ear Piercing

Earrings here are made of gold with various designs that embed stones and gems and it also creates a grand look for the ears. The gold jewelry earrings attract women to their inner soul. Gold is loved by every woman on the planet and to use them for.Gold is high-grade purity and it is hygienic to the human body. It is also available in various designs. It can be worn regularly and it elevates your presence mainly during grand functions and family events.

4. Tragus Piercing

Body piercing is made in a million designs and shapes to feed people the hunger in fashion. New designs like ring tragus piercings have been introduced where the inner ear above the lower lobe is pierced facing the ear entrance. This type of ear piercing design is becoming famous and women all over the globe have started exploring.

The new set of tragus earring makes a bold and hot style statement. This comes with UV cones at the end that reacts under the UV light. It shines being the center of attention no matter which party you attend. These are also tested and found safe on the skin and do not cause any skin problems. These come in a multitude of colors and you can choose the one which matches perfectly with your outfit. These are also available at affordable prices too.

gauge earring

5. Gauge Earring Aids

These also form formidable 14 gauge earring aids as they can also be used for ear piercings with ease. They are very cheap and clean which shows a wild style statement in style. Men and women love this because of its expressive fashion statement.

gold ear piercing jewelry

Where to Purchase the Most Unique Ear Piercing Design?

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