Unique ear jewelry

Ear piercing is the most common kind of body piercing that people go for from ancient time, ear jewelry like earrings, ear studs etc. sell the most in the jewelry market.fox logo

Ear jewelry can come in any design and style. They are also available made of different kind of metals and even acrylic material.crystal epoxy


Crystal stone with Epoxy Earring       Sterling Silver Crystal Triangle Ear Stud

Earring bars is an upcoming style in the ear jewelry segment. These are earrings that look like bars hanging from your ears. There are different types of earrings bar jewelry. One can find simple geometric bars to bars that have beautiful designs on them. The bar earrings are simple and yet elegant and stylish.


Flower Logo Silver Earring       Fancy Smiley Logo Silver Earring PACEAR155       Soft Spiky Silicone Ear Stud

Silver ear jewelry is becoming increasingly famous and popular. The subtle elegance that comes with the silver metal is being effectively used by the silver jewelry manufacturers.
One can find different kind of silver earrings like silver hoops, silver spiral stud earring, silver bars etc.

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