Unique Designs of Anodized Body Jewelry Collection

What is an Anodized Body Jewelry?

Smart, sexy and prominent are some of the characteristics of anodized body jewelries. Add a splash of color to them and become the talk of the town. Yes, anodized body jewelries are great for beginners as well as for body piercing veterans. They are skin-friendly and easy to wear rendering an edge look to your personality. With eye-catching designs and colors, the jewelries are available in different forms like BCR rings and cones and CBB with balls. The special attraction in this collection is the rose gold anodized horseshoe which will unleash your bolder side. Look unconventional and exceptional with the anodized items.

 anodized body jewelry lip

Lip Piercings

Adorning your lips is indeed an art. Fortunately, you do not have to don war paint for it in this day and age. Just threading a beautifully anodized labret will help you to achieve your objective this time. Yes, anodized labret is one of the anodized body jewelry types. This lip jewelry helps you to get the best of both worlds. The individual pieces are absolutely stunning for one and you have the satisfaction of remaining infection-free even when you force a foreign object through the piercing made on your lower lip. You get the additional advantage of showing off this durable, rust-free ornament for years too. So, go for it!

anodized tongue rings

Tongue Piercing Ring Jewelry

You do want to flaunt cool, chic looking Anodized tongue rings after you have gone all that trouble getting your tongue pierced. But is it okay to use jewelry through the piercing when it is still new? Well, the truth is that you will have no problems at all if you go in for one that is fashioned out of anodized titanium for it is considered to be the most non-reactive metal ever. So, stay calm and look cool by choosing the tongue rings in every color and style that you fancy. From solid colors to pastel hues and encrusted with multiple stones, piercebody has them all.

anodized ear jewelry

Ear Piercing Jewelry

Safe and anodized ear piercing jewelry go hand in hand. Forget the pain and worry of the old fashioned jewelry. Anodized body jewelry makes you embrace the spectacular collection available at Piercebody instead. Go for the tunnels and ear stretching plug in every hue of the rainbow that is sure to make you the cynosure of all eyes at a party. Opt for one in gold or simply turn your back to the precious metals and wear a zany pair of ear jewelry in funky blue or startling white. There is no need to fret if you still haven’t managed to get our ears pierced either. Say ‘yes’ to the anodized clip on and satisfy your inner self.

anodized nose ring

Nose Ring Jewelry

Quaint nose pins anodized over surgical steel is sure to enhance your looks by quite a few degrees. While these beautiful nose rings are great aesthetic value, the health factor cannot be overlooked either. That is precisely the reason for opting for a 316L base of surgical steel, which makes the metal non-corrosive and anti-allergic thus ensuring your safety. The wonderfully shaped flowers, stars, hearts, as well as intricate designs have a definite edge over the boring designs that are available everywhere. It, therefore, makes good sense to choose your nose pin in black or any other bright hue from piercebody and turn your friends green with envy.







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