Unique Design Jeweled Fashionable Silver Finger Ring

Unique and Fashionable Silver Finger Ring Designs


This ring is an ideal choice for modern, urban independent women who love the style that speaks volumes about their personality. It is functional as well as sophisticated. This ring will never overdo your style and will always compliment your dress. This design is not a regular ring; it is a special one with a lovely combination of 2 types of zirconia making it drop-dead gorgeous. It also provides a twist on the classic silver fashionable rings.

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Zirconia Type of Silver Finger Ring Design

A silver ring is always fashionable its combination with cubic zirconia is extraordinary. Gift yourself with a fantastic CZ studded silver ring this holiday season and marvel at its beauty. Since cubic zirconia is an inexpensive substitute of diamond, the price is also affordable. Cubic zirconia is lab created synthetic diamond which is popular in the market and is used to adorn many jewelry items. It has the sparkle of diamond but at a lower cost. This ring is embellished with high-grade cubic zirconia to create the ideal combination of black and white.


The ring has a large transparent zirconia at its center flanked by two black zirconias on both sides to make the centerpiece shine even brighter. This type means double the dazzle and this ring is perfect for any party or event. 925 sterling silver is the highest grade of silver used to make jewelry items.


Pure silver is too soft to bend it into any jewelry piece; therefore it is mixed with other traditional jewelry metals to form an alloy popularly known as sterling silver which provides it the strength to be cast into beautiful jewelry items. Copper is mostly mixed with silver to provide it the strength that it requires. However, this mixing of copper sometimes makes silver react with airborne substances calling for intensive cleaning.

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Advantage of Using Cubic Zirconia

Caring for the zirconia studded stainless steel ring becomes imperative. You must store rings in a cool and dry place away from any tougher metal to avoid scratches. The zirconia being a stone can also suffer from scratches, and hence it is safe to store it in a place where you do not keep other jewelry items and also do not wear it while swimming and on regular occasions to preserve it. However, if you need to clean it, then use a polishing cloth to clean the item. It is a fine jewelry so never use abrasive things to clean it.

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