Unique Black-yellow checker Screw fit ear tunnel in UV material!

Black UV Internal Yellow Checker Logo With Screw Fit Ear Tunnel
If old fashioned jewelry screams boring to you, it is time to deck your ear with some different piercings that call for wacky accessories. You may be tired of wearing a simple stud or a just a dangler throughout the ear and want to do something drastically different to attract the attention of the significant other and your friends. Well, stretched piercing is one way to do that! At piercebody.com, we have an amazing collection of flesh tunnels that will fit your stretched piercing like a dream! Spell ‘cool’ in the coolest way possible with these screw fit ear tunnels!

What is an Ear Tunnel?
As stated before, an ear tunnel or flesh tunnel is worn in stretched or scalpelled piercings. It is a basically a hollow tube which passes through one end of the ear and exits through another. They are generally made in gauges which are small so as to make the seeing through the plug hard. Also, if the gauge is big, the weight of the ear tunnel increases. The tunnels have a bead ring or a similar object going through them.

Design of the Black-Yellow checker logo with ear tunnel:
A very quirky piece from our collection, this particular piercing jewelry is so popular owing to its unisex appeal. The men can flaunt this as easily as the women.
The Black-Yellow checker logo is a great touch. You don’t usually get to see designs as cool as this on body piercing jewelries. This piece is available in every sizes ranging from 2mm to 24mm.
Specifically meant for night outs in discos, this screw fit ear tunnel will glow and sparkle in response to the UV lights! If you are someone with great dance moves and can’t wait to show them off inside the night club, this ear tunnel will make sure all the attention remains focused on you!
Coming at a light weight, this piercing jewelry does not need any big maintenance process.
The price is the USP of this product. Where else can you dream of getting a piercing jewelry as cool as this for only $0.85!

The collection does not end here. Visit our official website www.piercebody.com and marvel at the awesome piercing accessories we have in stock and at great discounts!

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