Unexpected Pleasures With Vibrating Tongue Rings

If you are among those who stay silent and let their style speak volumes about their incredible personality, then perhaps opting for a vibrating tongue ring would be the best decision of your life! With a unique concept of creating vibrations within your mouth, this tongue ring is becoming the focus of preferences among youth. Regardless of the sexes, these vibrating tongue rings are ranked among the most popular forms of body modification.

vibrating Tongue Rings

Vibrating Tongue Rings: Design & Construction

Most tongue vibrators are provided with an extra battery to help you enjoy continuous vibrations in your mouth. They are made of high-quality materials like acrylic, 316L surgical steel, titanium, gold plated and flexible for a skin-friendly experience. Typically, the size of a tongue ring is 14 gauges. However, it may vary from 10 gauge, 8 gauge, 6 gauge, to as low as 00 gauge.

The design of a regular tongue ring includes a straight barbell and two batteries. The size of this straight barbell is usually 14 gauges. This barbell can be manufactured out of either black titanium or 316L Surgical steel. Provided with two powerful batteries, the tongue ring offers vibrations for up to one hour. If you are planning to buy these vibrating tongue rings online, then look for Piercebody.com.

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Piercebody.com is an independent online store that deals in a wide range of body piercings especially these vibrating tongue rings. These designer tongue rings are provided with either one or two batteries for uncut, better performance. In addition, you can explore the website to look for body piercings in varied sizes, designs, and patterns. We are also dealing into meet your wholesale vibrating tongue rings requirements with drop-shipping services. Get in touch with us for the best deals and the most lucrative discounts in the simplest clicks possible.

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