Unbeatable Uni-Sex Stainless Steel Fancy Bracelet

Brandishing a pretty bauble in the form of a bracelet on the wrist has long been the accepted thing for women. However, the men are averse to be left behind particularly when the prize is such an adorable item made of shinning stainless steel. It represents a masculinity that has not been seen before. It is little wonder, therefore, that both men and women should yearn for this beautiful piece of jewelry that not only helps them to look gracious but adds an essence of personality as well.

The fancy design depicts a delicate chain and link although it is not too feminine in look. There is nothing for the men to scoff at this piece of excellent wrist jewelry though. It is certainly not for chicks as the men of yesteryear would have you believe. Sure, James Bond has never been seen wearing one but you are certainly man enough to flaunt it.

Look at the color for instance. It is a cool steel hue that is bright without the added sparkle that one often associates with women’s trinkets. You can sure accentuate your style by wearing it night and day so that the becoming bracelet becomes an agreeable extension of yourself, something that you are identified with. The 20.5 cm length along with its diameter of 6 cm is great without overemphasizing your maleness. It is both male and female and can ideally project you as a sensitive person, one who is both kind and tough at the same time.

Of course your bracelet will not get tarnished nor will it show signs of rusting with time. It is extremely easy to clean too and you do not have to go through extra expense for that. Any ordinary cleaning solution will work just fine.
You are entitled to wear this elegant bracelet on both wrists, if you happen to be a woman, of course. The lovely design will sit well on your petite wrists and the lilting sound works like a charm every time you move your wrists. The stainless steel make protects your skin from ungainly metal allergy and painful infections too. You might also just want to grab this opportunity with both hands since the uni-sex fancy bracelet comes at an unbelievable price of $4.49 only.

So go on and gift a bracelet to each other on Valentine’s Day or any other appropriate occasion and wear it together in order to emphasize your relationship.

Author: pbblog

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