U.S.Dollar Sign Logo Tongue Ring

U.S.Dollar Sign Logo Tongue RingWho doesn’t love money? We all love it. Having money in our banks and pockets is quite a common thing but having money inside our mouth is a rare occurrence.Well, piercebodyis briningthis rare opportunity to you through their website, to have money inside your mouth. The dollar logo tongue barbell will help you to have money in yourmouth. This interesting and cool lookingdollar sign logo on the 316l surgical steel made tongue barbell can be statement tongue jewelry item. It is fascinating to find it in your mouth which makes a lovely show at times.

To continue to flaunt this logo printed tongue barbell crafted from 316l surgical steel you willhave to go through some restrictions in terms of food and lifestyle. First, you have to remember that a piercing means a hole through your skin and it has its healing period and certain risks associated with it. So, you must do everything to avoid inviting bacteria into yourmouth during the healing period which takes about 4-6 weeks. Do not chew on any foreign materials like pencils, nails, erasers or so on. No oral sex and refrain from French kiss during this time. Also note that you cannot drink or eat from someone else during your healing period.

Some people experience some amount of bleeding during the first few days of the piercing. While this is quite normal, you shouldnot do anything to aggravate the condition. Avoid eating withforks as it might get stuck to the jewelry item causing hurt. This is the physical side of the condition. However, there is another side which does not affect directly but can cause trouble. Do not eat ordrink anything that makes yourblood thin. Medicines like aspirin and alcoholic beverages can cause thinning of yourblood which can cause blood loss with small wounds. Excessive amount of caffeine can also cause this. So, avoid these things and for the little amount of bleeding, rinse your mouth with sea salt solution.

Get rid of the habit of playing with yourjewelry so save yourself from the subsequent pain. Refrain from smoking during the healing period because it dries your mouth and will cause irritation to the skin inside and cause migration or rejection to your jewelry. Do not use any alcohol based mouthwash to rinse your mouth because again there is a chance of your mouth drying up and delaying the healing process.

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