Types of Nose Rings that Suits Your Look

sNose rings have always been in trend since ages. There are many evidences indicate that body jewelry was prevalent in the ancient times. And there were people who went different types of nose rings and tongue piercing. Even though the style and fashion of body jewelry considers to be modern and latest, it actually goes back to the ancient times.

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Types of Nose Rings for Women

Nose piercing jewelry has different shapes and you can go for either single circular shape or a captured pearl nose ring. You can choose various sizes and incorporates according to your face.


  1. Nose Stud

    This kind of body jewelry comes in a variety of material such as gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc, gold and silver studs are better than any other type. Single diamond studs are also very in Door knocker. Magnetic nose stud comes out quite nicely when worn in the right manner and style.

  2. Nose Screw

    This is quite popular in the western world. The nose is not actually in the shape of a screw. It’s generally straight at the end which uses for decoration, and the other end curves down in an L-shape, a semi-circle, or a hook type of structure.

Nose studs

What Are The Types of Nose Rings Made Of?

There are many types of nose rings like titanium nose rings, nose screws, flower nose rings and basic shapes that use nose rings and the oldest tribal nose ring. Gold and silver rings have always been in demand among the Indians.

Usually youngsters like wearing artificial or silver studs. But when it comes to old ladies they go for wise decision and buy gold nose rings. Diamond and gold studs are very much in fashion and they have a different classic look when worn. It even makes a person look stand out of the crowd.

  • Gold

Gold is in fashion for ages and without even giving a second thought you can go for a diamond combined with a gold stud. It will be in fashion forever and not just for a year or two.

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  • Silver

However, in today’s modern world, body jewelry has become more sophisticated and the popularity of sterling silver body jewelry is increasing day by day. There are many types of body jewelry available in sterling silver.

Some of the more common ones are either sterling silver types of nose rings or sterling silver birthstone ring. While sterling silver earrings studs, sterling silver navel rings, and sterling silver nose ring are also available. All the body jewelry made of sterling silver are artistically crafted with extremely skillful hands. The sterling silver enhances the feminine look of a girl.

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Reminders before Getting Nose Ring Jewelry

Nose piercing considers being the longest standing type piercing. Before getting a nose piercing you should keep following things in mind basically the types of nose rings hoops which will go according to your face.

It is done with specific equipment in many cultures noses piercing is followed as a tradition. And others get it just for fashion. It is either done by a gun or by the needle. You can get your nose pierced from many places these days. And there are even varieties in the type of stud or ring you want to wear. What you need to consider is the safety and reliability of the product? Along with it is the place where you get a piercing.

Nose Hoops

Finding a Reliable Body Jewelry Manufacturer Online

If you have your nose pierced then you must be having a hobby of changing nose rings studs. You can easily find different types of nose rings for sale online when you want a real metal and not some artificial one.

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