Types Of Nose Rings

      Hand Painted Pyramid Nose-Stud in Mini Box        Multi Logo Ball End Nose-Studs in Big Box  Jeweled Spiral Straight Nose-Pin

Nose rings have always been in trend since ages. There are many types of nose ring studs like titanium nose rings, nose screws, flower nose rings, basic shapes used in nose rings and the oldest tribal nose ring. Before getting a nose piercing you should keep following things in mind basically the types of nose hoops which will go according to your face.

Nose stud-nose stud comes in a variety of material such as gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc, gold and silver studs are better than any other type. Single diamond studs are also very inn Door knocker. Single studs come out quite nicely when worn in the right manner
and style.

Nose screw– This is quite popular in the western world. The nose is not actually in the shape of a screw. It is generally straight at the end which is used for decoration, and the other end curves down in an L-shape, a semi-circle, or a hook type of structure.

9K Gold Flower Nose-Screw        14K Gold Natural Pearl Nose-Pin        925 Silver Crystal Bead Nose-Stud

Nose rings- it is circular in shape and you can go for either single circular shape, or a captured pearl nose ring.

Nose rings come in various sizes and that can be chosen according to your face. Gold and silver rings have always been in demand among the Indians.

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