Twisted Barbell with UV Cones

Going to get your body pierced for the first time? You must be excited understandably. But sometimes in this excitement of piercing our body for the first time we forget about the safety concerns at the piercing parlor. Getting body pierced is definitely an exciting moment but it is equally important to research and find out a reputable parlor to go through the process. A parlor with an APP certification and license is the ideal choice. Search the internet or seek reference from your friends and acquaintances for a professional parlor with certified piercers who won’t cause damage to your skin.

In the other blog we had discussed about some of the factors you must remember while searching for a piercing parlor. In this article we will highlight more factors. Parlor hygiene, sterilization technique and licenses are most important factors while choosing a parlor. However, there are other factors as well. Getting a body piercing done safely should be your priority and not just getting one. Once you have decided to buy the twisted barbell with UV cone from Piercebody at an affordable price, you can begin the search or you can do the search prior to buying as well.

First of all, this barbell is made of 316l surgical steel which is a perfectly safe metal for body piercings according to APP. The UV cones are quite unique and will appeal to your stylish self. The fact that the cones are light sensitive, they will glow beautifully and vibrantly under light which will make you look like a rockstar and make you stand out among a crowd. Now to have this incredibly sexy twisted barbell placed on your body, you will need to check whether professional piercer has a well maintained portfolio of his previous work.

Find out whether he/she is experienced in the kind of piercing you wish to get. Some piercers are self taught while others have a work experience under an expert. In either case, you do not have to panic; just ask proper questions to dig deep before you decide. Certified parlors will have a strict view on teenagers aged 18 and below getting guardians consent. A consent form must be filled out before undergoing the procedure. Also, kids below and upto 18 are not allowed to have their private areas and nipples pierced. A certified piercer generally asks for age and citizenship proof which if he/she fails should raise doubt in your mind.

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