Turn heads with the straight single nose pin

Nose piercing is one of the most popular fashion trends among the stylish and classy modern women. Even though previously, nose ornaments were mostly worn by the women from aristocrat families, the trend has become very global now. The fashion gurus are of the belief that that this particular part of the body plays a big role in expressing one’s unique personality and nose rings and studs only bring that out. You will see celebrities like Madonna to school going teenagers wear a nose accessory. Nose piercing is definitely all the rage now.

Design of a nose pin:
The design of a straight nose pin is quite simple. It consists of a straight silver post that passes through the piercing and a bead or a ball attached to the end. These are perfect to gift your friends or to wear yourself. These straight nose pins come in optimum class sterling silver, have 20g thickness and are around 8-10mm in length. The pins can be both plain and jeweled.  The color and clarity of the stones make them all the more attractive.

Why silver?
The nose pins are available in different metals but silver is purchased and used more frequently. Main reason would be it does not cause skin problems. You can of course go for gold but silver is way more cost-effective than yellow metal. Needless to say, silver can complement most of your attire. Also, the pins are comfortable for wearing all the time.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Various styles and shapes of jewels in the same straight nose pins.
  • Affordable price range (as low as $37)
  • Light weight accessory.
  • Very smooth for usage and removal without causing any problem to skin.
  • Colorful balls and beads which are attractive to look at.
  • Low maintenance advantage
  • Your trademark fashion statement without compromising your beauty or workplace requirements.

Why wear the silver straight nose pins?
Well the reasons are endless.

  • Make a quirky fashion statement. Bring out the adventure and mischief in you.
  • These pins are bound to look good with any face structure and any hair cut whatsoever.
  • Wear a classy nose pin with your little black dress and you can see thus unusual combination fetching attention from everywhere.
    So what are you waiting for? Have a pick from the various options of silver nose pins available at www.piercebody.com

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