Tunnels 5mm

Blackline Micro Setting Jeweled Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel       Blackline Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel       Black and Gold Color Jeweled Fake Ear Plug

Ear plugs in 5mm tunnels is just a perfect size flesh tunnels for anyone to find the ear plugs collections in any material.

It goes the same like the jeans – the perfect size is 32. Therefore, to look good when stretched the perfect size is 5mm tunnel.

Gold Anodized Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel  White Anodized Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel       
 Whether the ear flesh tunnel is in black line ear tunnels size 8 flesh tunnels, logo fits from ying yang ying yang to smiley and other logo plugs.
We have all types!
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Author: pbblog

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