Try Basel Setting Tri Round Jeweled Belly Banana for that Extra Bling

There are a host of choices when it comes to selecting an appropriate jewelry for your navel piercing. These greatly vary in shape and size. Now it’s up to you to decide the jewelry that is perfect for you. You should choose one that is beautiful and at the same time is made of a high quality material. This helps to strike a much needed balance between comfort and aesthetics. The basal setting tri round jeweled belly banana is one such piece of navel jewelry that would not only be pleasing to the eye but also be equally comfortable to wear.

What is the Basel Setting Tri Round Jeweled Belly Banana Made of?
The colored gems on the belly banana are made up of high quality stone. The charm part is made of 925 sterling silver while the bar and ball are made of titanium or 316L steel.  The 316L refers to a particular material that is used for making this variety of steel.  It comprises nickel, iron, chromium and molybdenium and is therefore ideal for people who are allergic to some kinds of metals.  The sterling silver that is used for the charm part is also quite popular owing to its shine and luster. However, one should be careful about not wearing the same when the pierced area hasn’t healed completely. One should also be careful with handling the jewelry as it is quite prone to scratches and therefore should be well taken care of.

Benefits of Wearing a Basel Setting Tri Round Jeweled Belly Banana
You can order in bulk in order to avail attractive discounts. The grade bar and ball are made of high quality surgical steel, which considerably reduces the chances of any kind of skin problems.  You can order the basel setting tri round jeweled belly banana in a color of your choice or you can even order multiple colors so that you can mix and match it with a number of outfits. The tri round jeweled part adds a bit of length to the navel jewelry which is otherwise missing in a traditional belly button.
You can order for the basel setting tri round jeweled belly banana if you are trying to wear something different from the usual navel piercing jewelry. Apart from casual wear, you can also team it up with something more elegant and flowing like a party dress.  Order the basel setting tri round jewelry belly banana today and add the necessary bling to your midriff.

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