Triangular BCR with 16Gx4mm Ball

Diath piercing is as interesting as it gets. The small fold of cartilage above the ear canal is where a perforation is done to have a daith piercing. It’s quite a unique type of piercing done on the ears and is only possible on a well developed innermost cartilage fold. Captive bead rings are perfect for this piercing as they fit snugly on the cartilage fold. Some people also opt for curved barbells once the piercing has become old. You can also try other large gauge jewelry but that is only possible after the region has healed completely.

This triangular BCR with 16Gx4 mm ball is perfect fit for daith piercing. In fact, it is also quite unique in shape. The ring does not actually look like a ring because it is shaped in the form of a triangle. This triangular BCR is made of 316l surgical steel with a ball of 4mm made from the same material. Both the daith piercing and this particular ring are unique and hence you will notice people appreciating you more for your sense of fashion and style. Daith piercing can only be done by experienced piercing professionals. Hence, finding out a reputable studio is your responsibility.

The piercer will use a sterilized curved needle to do it. After he/she cleans the area, the needle will be used to make a hole through which the jewelry will be inserted. It generally heals within 3-6 months and if you wish to speed up the healing process, you have to take care of the new healing properly. Use a cotton ball or swab for saline solution soak and always keep the area dry after rinsing it. Do not let ear wax accumulate near the ear tunnel and avoid wearing hats and scarves. Even if you do wear scarves, be aware not to pull it off from your head.

Do not use shampoos and other cosmetics on your hair and also avoid using ear plugs, headphones or buds. Remember to change your bedding regularly so that you maintain a general hygiene. Daith piercing generally costs between $40 and $50. There are quite a few variations for daith piercing which are double daith piercing in which you can either use 2 rings or one ring one curved barbell and triple daith piercing using 3 captive bead rings to make a style statement. Whichever you choose to have, it will look awesome.

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