Trendy Double Faced Pearl Stud Earring- Grab One Today!

Pearls have always attracted a lot of attention, particularly due to the old age elegance and style they add to one’s appearance. One interesting thing about pearls is, they never go out of trend. No matter how much avant garde the season’s style would be, pearls will undoubtedly find their place in your collection. The reason is, this is one jewelry which is eternal. They can be worn for formal occasions and casual events simultaneously and will always give forth a burst of daintiness and sophistication to your look. Multiple strands of pearl necklaces teamed with a stylish pearl bracelet and a beautiful pair of pearl earrings will make sure that all eyes stay on you.
Don’t limit yourself to the classic white pearls. At, we bring to you a whole range of pearl stud earrings in various colors. The stem of the ear ring is made of 925 Sterling silver, which is perhaps the best quality silver alloy as it produces no skin infections. This particular product is two faced which means there is a large pearl ball and at its end is a small pearl ball attached. For a person with sharp and prominent features, this kind of pearl with 8mm top ball size and 14mm pearl ball size is perfect. It makes the face looks a little more roundish.
Now as for the color of pearls, we have them in four distinct colors to choose from. The standard white pearl is there of course. For the working woman, this stud earring will bring a lot of polish to the suited look. They are always perfect for a quiet dine out in an elegant dress.
If you are wondering what to wear with your cute little black dress, you can always fall back upon the pearl stud with a golden shine. For a bit of a bohemian look, you may well settle for the darker shades of grey or the pink.
This trendy double faced pearl earring is easy on the pocket too. You can buy each pair for as low a price as $1.99. So, stock them up in numbers, and even gift a friend on her wedding or your spouse on your anniversary. A chic jewelry like this will never fail to bring a smile on the receiver’s face.
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