Tongue rings with saying

 Tongue rings with Funny faces

One of the most famous facial piercings is the tongue ring piercing tongue ring. The tongue ring piercing is not just meant to be a style statement but at times it is done to enhance the sexual pleasure.

Tongue Barbell with 4 Free Skull Logo Ball  

Have you ever thought of tongue rings that speak your mind? These tongue rings have words printed on them. These word tongue rings are usually barbells and these are made mostly of surgical steel.

However one can go for different material like silver as well. There are many tongue rings that come with slang’s written in them as well. The youngsters find it cool to sport them. For example one can find the tongue stud fuck you word.fuck me

Such types of tongue rings are very bold and not everybody opts for having such rings pierced in their tongues fuck you logo.

Logo Tongue Ring  

There are lots of jewelry stores where one can find tongue rings with words imprinted on them. They can come in different colors as well. For example you can find the pink tongue rings that carry a word that describes you the best. This trend is a latest in the tongue jewelry market.

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