Popular Tongue Piercing Jewelry Designs

Tongue piercing portrays an erotic and bold statement which creates a huge fan following globally. Women and even men wear tongue piercing barbells with steel and UV balls. They are creating a sensation now which more people are following.

While many people love their body piercings, they are often confused when they decide to change their body jewelry. The kind of body jewelry goes a long way in reflecting your personality; this is why you should always pick the right body jewelry to suit your personality.

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Unique Tongue Piercing Jewelry Design and Styles

Tongue Rings

Tongue rings come in various varieties in order meet the increasing demands of the people these days. Our set of tongue ring having made from 14K gold is mild on the skin without causing any irritations or reactions on the skin. This is available in just plain gold or as a jeweled variety too, making it easier for you to select something of your choice. These also come with removable ball endings on both the sides, thus making it really easy and hassle-free to wear. These are available with balls of different sizes and different gauges too to add to your convenience.

Tongue Barbells

Tongue barbells are made of surgical steel so it’s clean and hygienic for the human body. They are in the shape of dumbbells with beads at both ends. These barbells are made of steel balls which give it gloss and shine and even UV balls which glow in the dark. These tongue barbells with UV and steel balls are funky and wild body jewelry for people who love the gothic and rock culture. They are available at huge discounts.

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Industrial Tongue Barbells

If you are looking for the perfect tongue piercing jewelry for you, then you are at the right place. Our industrial tongue barbells collection is suitable for all your needs. These tongue barbells are made from surgical steel and are totally non-allergic on the skin. You could also customize your tongue barbells here as there are plenty of options available for you to choose from and you can pick out the length of the barbells, the gauge size you are comfortable with. You can also choose the size of the barbells- either 5mm or 6mm depending on what you are comfortable with.

Industrial barbell comes in a variety of gauge sizes for those looking to make a bold style statement with their tongue barbell. Since these are made from surgical steel you can be sure that these cause no damage to your skin with any type of irritation or allergies. These are also available at affordable prices.

Straight Barbells

These are straight barbells body jewelry, which has beads on both ends. They come in various shapes like diamonds tongue rings or gems or even customized shapes like hearts. This body jewelry is fascinating and available at major discounts. The quality is outstanding and the steel metals used are scratch resistant that causes no allergic reactions to the skin. When these are worn by either men or women they are sure to portray their wild and funky side.

Curved Barbell

 There are different varieties of curved barbell studs and spiral body jewelry too. Curved barbell studs have a simple wire in between eyebrow and tongue ring.

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Other Unique Tongue Piercing Jewelry Designs

 Weed Tongue

Weed tongue ring or the pot leaf tongue ring is available in 14G Surgical Steel. The weed tongue piercing jewelry also features a motivating style. It is the fastest selling product of the month. The yellow pot leaf tongue ring has its size of 14G-5/8″-6mm with its bar and ball of 316L Surgical Steel.

Pot leaf marijuana tongue bar or in short weed symbol tongue bar, however, is the same. It is a unique piece because the exotic weed tongue bar is attached with a yellow logo. This is the best-selling tongue barbell and it’s cast from 316l surgical steel.

The green pot leaf marijuana logo tongue ring is top quality surgical steel tongue ring. 14g is top quality surgical steel tongue ring. And highly polished and they are also available in different styles 2mm labret.

Capsule Shaped

This capsule shaped jewelry has 1.6 x 6mm is the size of the graded product material of 316l surgical steel. This is a beautiful Crystal stone Capsule with Epoxy Cover. This piece looks like an original capsule though it is a just a pill shape of a tongue bar.

Word Tongue Ring

It has 316l Surgical Steel with a huge inventory of tongue barbell rings, tongue logo rings, and bad word tongue bar. Find the largest selection of word tongue in many styles and sayings

Checkered Logo

Check out the original checkered logo tongue ring featuring the barbells with popular cartoons and groovy slogans! Checkered logo tongue ring is a cool tongue piercing jewelry barbell with a 316l surgical steel material! This item is sold individually in sizes of 14g – 16mm bar – 6mm ball.

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Where to Find Reliable and Affordable Tongue Piercing Jewelry

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